Improvement of communication equipment for railway wagon monitoring and data collection

Development of rail wagon accessory unit based on satellite positioning system, offering communication with a central system and monitoring of wagon parameters, and with the aim of meeting all system demands for optimal integrated standard equipment.

The aim of the project is to improve and develop new additional communication equipment for wagons used in rail freight transport with the goal of developing an optimum solution that fulfils all necessary requirements and connects and satisfies all demands for such types of system with single-purpose equipment that will become a feature of new manufactured railway wagons and an all-European standard for starting the operation. The equipment is a communication unit mounted on a rail wagon that detects the position using a satellite positioning system and transmits the coordinates to the control centre using a GSM (Global Standard for Mobile) network in predefined intervals. At present, the communication unit consists of two main modules: (1) Global satellite positioning system (GPS module) consists of a receiver of GPS (Global Positioning System) positions that follows satellites, evaluates the geographical coordinates and saves these positions. (2) Communication part (GSM module); this module is able to process information in time intervals, activate sensors, transfer data into a centre and set the mode via communication with a central system. The main activities within this project are research and development of new principles to improve the existing communication unit in the following areas: * Long-term exploitable energy source (battery) for the lowest price. * Energy acquisition directly on the wagon. * Energy conservation system. * Most suitable placing of the unit on the railway wagon resistant to vandalism. * Adaptation of placing on different types of wagons. * Energy modest sensors of various wagon parameters. * Optimisation of data transfer between the unit and external sensors on the wagon. * Optimisation of data transfer between the equipment and a central system. * Standardisation and certification of the unit. * Fulfilment of TSI standards. The unit will be connected with external sensors monitoring various wagon parameters and conditions such as doors and other openings (open/closed), temperature, pressure, weight, movement of the wagon, tachometer, loading of goods, shock, alarm, etc. The new complex unit will have the following functions: - Position determination (tracking and tracing of wagons). - Preparing for new European global satellite positioning system GALILEO. - Monitoring of wagon parameters. - Data and information collection. - Data transfer and communication. - Supervision of rail wagons by wagon localisation and monitoring. - Standard adjustment on rail wagons. - Decrease of costs for manufacturing the unit. - Testing and verification in real operations. - Entering into real operation. - Connection to a complex central system for rail wagon control and information providing (communication, rail wagon fleet management, database of wagons, positioning in the map, etc.). Keywords: railway wagons, equipment, communication.
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3 861
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Project Duration: 
Project costs: 
720 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Traffic Engineering / Control Systems
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Railways, Trains

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