System of continuous quality control for automatic production lines

Flexible computer based continuous quality control for automatic production lines will be developed, tested and implemented. The system will provide 100% automatic quality control and will be easy to implement in different production lines.

The globalisation process demands more automation and use of computers, especially in the field of production quality control, in order to be competitive with countries that have cheap labour costs. In several industrial branches there are metal processing lines that have to be fully automated to provide quality that is better than the quality produced on lines with more manual work. The aim of the project is to develop a flexible system for continuous computer based quality control of complex lines for processing metal parts. The system will consist of several modules that can be used as building elements for assembling complete 100% continuous quality control systems for production lines. The system will consist of the following standard modules: - Module for simple and reliable input of alphanumeric codes using simple code readers. - Module for simple, reliable and precise measurements of the quality of processed details. - Module for writing code with simple dot marking and scribing machines. - Module for statistical analysis of processed details. - Module for forecasting the trend in the quality of processed details. - Module for automatic adjustment of an entire production line. - Module for decision-making on product quality (acceptance, improvement, rejection). - Module for communication with business part of the information system. - Module for integration of all elements of the system that provide side communication with all elements of the system including processing centres and assembly lines. - Module for development of project documentation. - Module for simulation of the entire line. The project will be carried out in the following stages: - User analysis where several potential customers will be interviewed and their needs defined. - Conceptualisation of the system where use of the results of user analyses will result in development of the concept for the entire system. - Software requirement system will be developed using the results of previous stages of the project. - Development of separate modules. - Testing of separate modules. - Integration of modules. - Pilot installation. - Improvement of the product. - Preparation of documentation. - Promotion and marketing of the product. For the monitoring of the project progress, a steering committee will be selected. The MS Project will be used for documentation of the project, and the project Website will be developed. The Website will be used for promotion of the project and online communication between partners. The first installation of a system will be carried out at KLS (partner in the proposed project) on the starter ring gears production line. This application will be the first reference of the project output. Keywords: continuous, quality control, production line.
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3 867
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Project Duration: 
Project costs: 
600 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Process control and logistics
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Process control equipment and systems

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