Intelligent gas demand management system

The project will see a complete hardware and software solution for gas management developed.The solution will be based on automatic meters reading via gprs and on an intelligent software system for collecting, analysis and distributing data

A gas supplier needs to control its gas network. It needs to know where and when gas is imported into its network and where and when it is used. Furthermore, in order to ensure enough gas for its clients, it should forecast their consumption and order those quantities from their own supplier of gas. A gas supplier will also measure consumption for issuing invoices. Gas suppliers already have systems for supervising and controlling their networks (so called SCADA - Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System - systems). These systems enable them to ensure supply and proper operation. With upgrades, these systems are also the basis for billing processes. Nevertheless, problems with data integration, data storage in the long-term and data export, often occur. To solve these problems, energy suppliers use additional software - energy data management systems. The functions of this software are focused on storing, analysing, forecasting and sharing data with other business software in and outside of the company. Users of this software are expected to be experts in the energy field. Energy data management software is often not suitable for end-consumers, because it is too expensive and complicated. Reliable and correct usage data about when and how much gas is used is a crucial aspect requiring further analyses. Because of the properties of gas (volume depends on temperature and pressure), hardware units - co called correctors - have been used for decades. They calculate the influence of pressure and temperature on the gas volume, so that the consumer pays the correct volume of gas. In response to the rising energy demand in the EU, there is a heavy dependence on imported energy sources (particularly gas). The European Commission has prepared additional measures in response to environmental concerns. With the new Directive on energy end-use efficiency and energy services, a large part of burden in reaching these goals is transferred from end-consumers to energy suppliers. They are obliged to help their consumers with energy services (consultancy, performing energy audits, efficiency measures, etc.) with the goal of lowering energy consumption and boosting the usage of renewable sources. To fulfil these requirements, energy suppliers will have to provide additional consultancy personnel and/or and tools, which could be offered to consumers as a service. For smaller suppliers with a lower number of employees and a relatively small budget, providing these services could be a financially demanding job. In addition, software tools, which are used for analysing, forecasting and optimising energy usage, are very expensive and complicated to use. As a response to new communication and metering technologies and market needs, FEINGERAETEBAU TRITSCHLER GMBH would like to develop a new product, which includes functions of a corrector, data logger and GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) communication device in one device. With this, lower costs for automatic meter reading will be possible. Furthermore, this new product would be completely compatible with an energy data management software, developed in close cooperation with GENERA LYNX D.O.O., and would provide all the data from the gas metering point needed for further analysing. A solution would be adapted to existing and new needs of smaller and medium sized gas suppliers and their end-consumers. GENERA LYNX D.O.O. is a leading provider of energy data management systems in SLOVENIA. GEMA, an energy data management system, has been successfully implemented at numerous gas suppliers for municipalities and the industry sector, at a national gas transmission company and at many industrial consumers of gas. Through cooperation with FEINGERAETEBAU TRITSCHLER GMBH and based on its good knowledge of the central European gas sector, GENERA LYNX D.O.O. would like to develop the next generation of energy data management systems. This would be an intelligent helpful tool for the existing tasks and new tasks of gas suppliers, brought about by new EU directives and demands on the market. With new energy management software, even smaller gas suppliers could more easily and cheaply meet the requirements of new EU directives. With the help of this intelligent software and advanced analyses produced by software, they could provide additional energy services to improve the energy efficiency of the end-consumer. Keywords: gas, management.
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3 868
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Project costs: 
550 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Transport and storage of gas and liquid fuels
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Gas transmission and distribution

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