Development of fast charging high-power li-ion powerpack with integrated battery charger for automotive applications

There is a large market demand for a fast-charge battery with built-in charger. In this project, a fast-charge high-power li-ion powerpack with an integrated high-efficiency charger will be developed.

In the automobile industry, the demand for electric or hybrid engines is increasing; the development of fully electric and 'plug-in' hybrid (higher energy efficiency) vehicles is desirable. In addition, there is a market requirement for a battery powerpack that can be charged quickly from the electricity network. To make this possible, two developments are necessary: 1. New types of Li-ion (Lithium-ion) batteries with high power output, high energy density and fast charging capacity (GAIA in GERMANY). 2. Compact, lightweight chargers that can be integrated into the battery powerpack and the car, so that cars can be charged with the right charger anytime, anywhere (home, work or when visiting) and safely (correctly connected with the correct voltage, ensuring an increased longevity of the battery). The aim is to integrate this charger into the battery itself, so that all the car owner has to do is put the plug into the electricity socket. Integration of current battery chargers into the battery powerpack is not possible because of weight, dimensions and price. The objective of the project is to develop a battery module with an integrated charger. The battery and integrated charger will have a capacity of approximately 2.5 kWh (kilowatt Hour), a maximum weight of 40 kg and a charging time of < 1 hour. The efficiency of the total charging and discharging process will be increased from 80% to 90%. The development goal for the charger alone is to achieve 95% charging efficiency. A Li-ion battery powerpack, battery management system and lightweight charger will be developed to meet the objectives. Keywords: supercharge, powerpack, lithium-ion.
Project ID: 
3 873
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Project Duration: 
Project costs: 
940 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Storage of electricity, batteries
Market Area: 
Motor Vehicles, Transportation Equipment and Parts

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