Verification of distribution cables

Research to produce and supply a system having two objectives: 1 prevention - to locate and identify an arcing point on powered networks - 2 location - to develop a highly integrated vehicle for fault location

The VECADIS project (Verification of Distribution cables) is a logical extension of the systems already developed by MADE, and which have been in use for 15 years by its energy distribution clients. MADE's worldwide customers, such as EDF, have a common major problem of faults occurring on buried power cables on the medium and low voltage networks. These cable networks - nearly always buried in urban zones - suffer, over time, from mechanical, physico-chemical, or partial discharge degradation, as well as from multiple external aggressions. The goal of the VECADIS project is to research, develop, produce and supply a system having two objectives: * PREVENTION - to locate and identify an arcing point on powered networks; the major innovation stems from the signal treatment techniques mastered by MADE. These techniques will enable the diagnosis of an imminent fault on an HV (High Voltage) cable UNDER POWER, by monitoring the frequency of occurrence and the repeatability of the measured dielectric phenomena. * LOCATION - to develop a highly integrated vehicle for Fault Location: The major innovation relies on the integration into a small vehicle such as a KANGOO (instead of a laboratory truck, as is currently used) of the technology employed in power generators and also of the treatment of signal processing. The two functions are interdependent, and respond to the same requirements of energy network optimisation and efficiency improvement. The savings of scale are obtained because of the millions of kilometres of cable buried throughout the world. MADE S.A. has already identified other partners and sub-contractors likely to bring their expertise to the project: * The UNIVERSITY OF LIEGE for their competence in the field of high voltage, power transmitters used in fault location (ex BICOTEST, specialist in fault location) and waves interpretation. * the Belgian Fernand BRANDT (BCS - ex-company BALTEAU), world-renowned specialist in fault location; * within the COMMISSARIAT A L'ENERGIE ATOMIQUE (CEA) CEA LIST: the Laboratory of on-board System Reliability for their experience in reflectometry; * The Belgian PEPITE company for their expertise in electrical phenomena modelling on power calbels. MADE intends to increase the active area of its business because, in spite of the upsurge in wireless networks (radio, satellites, WiFi (Wireless Fidelity), optical fibre), transmission cables are present in a multitude of domains (vehicles, avionics, telecoms, computer networks), each with its own problems. Only the electrical energy domain will be approached in the framework of the VECADIS project. Keywords: electrical networks, failure search, failure location.
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3 886
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2 240 000.00€
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Transmission of electricity
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Motor Vehicles, Transportation Equipment and Parts

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