Measuring centre for assessment of electrical voltage quality according to standard en 50160

Iskra mis d.D., In cooperation with the company areva t&d, will develop an electrical measuring instrument - measuring centre for the assessment of electrical voltage compatibility according to standard en 50160.

With the liberalisation of the electrical market, quality became the important feature of the electrical network. Because electrical energy is a function of the electrical voltage, the quality of electrical energy is determined by the quality of the electrical voltage. An electro-energetic system must supply electrical voltage within the predefined range at more or less stabile frequency. The uniformity and quality of the electrical voltage on European territory is determined by the EN 50160 standard. Both demand and supply sides on the electro-energetic market must therefore have an adequate electrical measuring instrument for determining whether the electrical voltage is within the predefined range specified by the EN 50160 standard. ISKRA MIS D.D., in cooperation with the company AREVA T&D, will develop an electrical measuring instrument - a measuring centre for assessment of electrical voltage compatibility according to standard EN 50160. This standard prescribes electrical voltage and frequency levels, the quality of electrical voltage and electrical network stability. These qualities of the electrical network are necessary for the proper working of electrical devices connected to the network. It is the distributor's duty to guarantee the proper quality and stability of the electrical network. With the ISKRA MIS D.D. measuring centre, the consumer can monitor whether the electrical system of the network distributor meets the requirements of standard EN 50160. It will also help the consumer to control the cost of the electrical energy. If the quality of the electrical network is inadequate, the consumer can choose another distributor. Similarly, the measuring centre will also help distributors by informing them about the quality of the electrical energy they supply to users, so that they can take proper measures for staying on the market. The measuring centre will measure all important electrical parameters and record them for further computer analysis. It will record all the events in the electrical network, and send alarms to the consumer in the event of the electrical network not being in accordance with standard EN 50160. The new measuring centre will have all functions required for determining the quality of the electrical voltage. It will have a 96 x 96 mm housing for panel mounting, an illuminated LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) display built with chip on glass 3 Volt (V) technology, and a digital PCB (Printed Circuit Board), which will also have a 3 V logic circuit, so less electrical energy will be needed for supplying the measuring centre. The 4 MB (Mega Byte) memory for recording events and data will enable recording of electrical data for at least 1 year. It will measure all basic electrical quantities, such as true RMS (Retail Management System) voltage and current, active, reactive and apparent power, active and reactive energy, frequency and THD. However it will also measure other quantities, such as minimum and maximum values, maximum demands, temperature, harmonics, etc. Great stress will be given to electrical energy management, so it will have a tariff clock for determining different tariffs and, consequently, managing the costs of electrical energy. The communication module will be very powerful, enabling connection of the measuring centre to almost all data aggregators, such as PCs (Personal Computers), PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), etc. The measuring centre will support all important industrial protocols: DNP 3.0, Modbus and Profibus and will have RS232/RS485, Ethernet and MMC (Metal Matrix Composite) card communication. The last type of communication mentioned is a unique form of communication for such devices. It will have different outputs regulating processes, i.e. relay, analogue, pulse, and will also have different inputs for receiving data about outside events, i.e. tariff, analogue and digital. The most important module will be the module for determining whether the electrical voltage is in correspondence with the EN 50160 standard. This module will enable measurement of voltage and frequency magnitude variations, dips, interruptions and imbalances of voltages, harmonics and THD in shift cycling mode, rapid transient occurrences and real-time harmonic analyses. The stability of the electrical system and therefore the proper functioning of electrical devices are important not only in the EU but also all over the world. Markets for this measuring centre are therefore not only EU countries but also other countries all over the world. The U.S.A. will be a very important target market for this product. With our measuring centre, ISKRA MIS D.D. will expand its market. It will give us the possibility of gaining new technologies and modifying production process so as to be in line with competition and even ahead of it. Keywords: measuring instrument, EN 50160, Network quality.
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3 901
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310 000.00€
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Electrical Technology related to measurements
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Other recombinant DNA

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