Study of the incidence and improvement of fatty acids in animal feeding

An evaluation of the inclusion of surfactant and a study into the different fatty acid incidences and combinations in the feeding of different farming species

The main project objective is focused on the development of a study about diet fatty acid composition effects. A surfactant made up of phospholipids will be developed and studied. This surfactant will improve digestibility of animal feeding stuffs for diverse cattle species at different production stages. The project is divided into the following stages: - Requirements analysis for the study of the fat and surfactant incidence on animal feeding stuffs and animal production in different sectors: * Cattle * Ovine * Swine * Seminal production * Animal feeding stuffs production. - Methodology design, experimental assays and protocols for the study of fats and surfactants in different cattle species. - Experimental assays for the analysis of the fat and new surfactant incidence on different cattle species' feeding and the incidence on the different productive stages. - Optimisation of the use of fats and surfactants in animal feeding, in order to reach the best balance between the implied parameters. - Statistical analysis of the results, and evaluation of the incidence on animal feeding. - Cost-benefit analysis and dissemination of results. The main tasks to be carried out are the following: - Development and optimisation of a surfactant for its inclusion in animal feeding. - Study and analysis of the surfactant addition on sanitary quality and assimilation of the rations in the different cattle species. - Study of the increase of fat concentration in the animal feeding for evaluation of the balance production/costs/animal welfare. - Comparison of how the different variables and parameters from the study affect the different cattle species and their productive aspects (production, reproduction, meat quality, etc.). Keywords: fatty acids, surfactant, animal feeding.
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3 908
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Project costs: 
1 880 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Food Microbiology / Toxicology / Quality Control
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Fishing, Sea Food and Farming

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