Development of an artificial vision programme for pig semen and its application in extenders of long duration

Development of artificial vision programme for the evaluation of quantitative and qualitative characteristics of swine semen. The application will be applied and tested with new extenders of long duration.

The main objective of the project is focused on the development of an artificial vision system for evaluation of the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the boar semen, and in the development of a long-term semen extender for optimisation of the semen preservation conditions. With this information the possible doses to prepare will be able to be calculated very quickly, with great reliability and without delay times in the production chain. The seminal production management and control will thereby be improved at a qualitative and quantitative level. Application of the new system of artificial vision will also be proven according to different experiments with a new long-term extender. It thus allows for preserving the seminal doses beyond 4 days, with the final objective being to optimise the fertility and prolificacy results per boar and farm, because of the necessity to keep the semen quality over more time, given that its repercussion in the economic yield of the farm is crucial. With the new project, the following developments will take place: - Reduction of the time and manual labour needed for valuation-evaluation of the semen. - Characterisation, in an objective and reliable way, of the amount and quality of processed semen. - Instantaneous and reliable determination of the number of semen doses that it is possible to prepare by each collection. - Having a semen extender that allows for preserving the semen in the best conditions for a longer time. - Development of protocols for the semen valuation and for the system validation with long-term extenders. - Improvement to boar management and boar stud management. The boar stud manager will therefore have a great number of objective criteria for decision-making. Keywords: insemination, swine extenders, artificial vision.
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3 909
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1 600 000.00€
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Animal Selection/Production / Husbandry technology
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Animal Husbandry

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