The development of a highly efficient, environmentally friendly well regeneration method

A new well regeneration system is to be developed. In comparison to the latest available technology, it will require a maximum 50% use of chemicals whilst doubling the regeneration cycle time.

A new well regeneration system is to be developed that, in comparison to the latest available technology, requires a maximum 50% use of chemicals whilst doubling the regeneration cycle time. Soft and hard deposits of iron and manganese hydroxides are to be removed completely and a deep cleaning of the gravel bed also made possible. A camera monitoring system will watch over the complete cleaning process. BPS will develop the complete mechanical cleaning system. The IGU/UNIVERSITY OF LUENEBURG will work on the development of flow technology and develop an algorithm, which takes in the characteristic pumps and well values and allows for determining the optimal regeneration time. The IGU/UNIVERSITY OF LUENEBURG will also collaborate in the development of the camera monitoring system. The CAA will develop a high performance ultrasonic sonotrode for ultrasound cleaning of the wells. EURO-OPEN carries out the practical tests, measurements and evaluations. They are to set up a matrix that specifies the sequence of the cleaning methods and the specific well values. The cooperation partners must carry out this project together as the project needs their common know-how. Without the help of the IGU/University's knowledge about the theoretical flow technique, BPS, who is to construct the technical flow equipment, could not interpret optimally. The necessary penetration depth into the gravel bed, which is needed for the regeneration method, can only be reached when mechanical engineering and science cooperate together, therefore achieving the aims of the FuE, where the plan is to double the regeneration cycle times and at the same time reduce the use of chemicals by half. Without CAA's long years of experience in the ultrasound field, developing a sonotrode would not be possible. Without EURO-OPEN variable wells, a proof-testing, optimisation and cleaning consequence assessment could not be accomplished. It could be possible only after many test years with the BPS. Keywords: well regeneration, environmentalism, water extraction.
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3 920
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760 000.00€
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Water Pollution / Treatment
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Water treatment equipment and waste disposal systems

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