The main objective of the speargun project is to develop a new
speargun for underwater hunters, with git-gas injection technology and composite materials. The result will be an innovative speargun.

Markets for underwater sports activities like scuba diving, apnea diving or underwater spear fishing are growing market niches. According to analyses, this market increases approximately 21.3% yearly. It is world standard that beginner divers eventually pass over from scuba diving to free diving (apnea) because diving this way enables logistically and financially less demanding of free time. An increase in free divers can also be seen at free diving courses, which have increased considerably in recent times. This trend is also seen in the increasing sales of articles for free diving. After finished diving courses, scuba divers agree to respect the underwater world, preserve a clean environment and not disturb underwater inhabitants. Hunting is strictly forbidden. People with air tanks available during the dive are in a superior position as regards the hunted pray. More divers are taking on spear fishing because of the added excitement in diving and hunting. An essential piece of equipment in spear fishing is a spear gun. On the basis of company experience, we decided to extend the business with new products with higher added value as regards knowledge. Only in doing this will we be able to satisfy even the most demanding buyers. The development of the spear gun is an area of high interest and growth. Experiences gained in the water were combined with the knowledge we have in the construction field and development of new technologies. During the development of the new spear gun, most attention was focused on four basic elements: - head of the gun, - body of the gun, - handle, - trigger mechanism. Apart from our knowledge and tests, we also cooperate with different underwater hunters in order to get additional knowledge about the specific needs of individual hunters. The basic strategy is to offer our buyers a product that enables personalisation of the product and includes a technologically advanced product in comparison to the competition. We developed two important improvements among others improvements to help personalise the spear gun. They are: - exchangeable head, - exchangeable handle. The main objective of this project is to develop a new spear gun for underwater hunters with GIT - gas injection technology - and composite materials. The result will be an innovative spear gun especially designed for each individual hunter. The specifications will be adapted to the requirements for specific end-uses. The research will include modification of the spear gun, evaluation of the processability and specification of the industrial requirements. The products will firstly be developed on a laboratory-scale. The main material for the spear gun will be polyamide hardened with glass fibres (PA66 + GF30), which is suitable for GIT injection moulding processes and withstands mechanical loads very well. The barrel of the gun, because of its shape, length and use, is a technologically demanding part of the project. We are making a barrel with a changeable intersection; the biggest is in the middle, the smallest at the end. The minimal thickness of the barrel wall is 3mm. According to the shape of the product it is impossible to make it with a classic injection moulding process. We have to use injection moulding technology with medium - injection moulding technology with gas. The advantage of this process is the quicker cooling off of the product as well as the shorter production time. The results of preliminary calculations are positive. The market analysis in the U.S.A., JAPAN and Europe is the basis for the spear gun selling plan. Based on this information, we prepared the production plan for next five years during which time we plan to sell 145,000 spear guns. Keywords: spear gun, GIT (Gas Injection Technology).
Project ID: 
3 933
Start date: 
Project Duration: 
Project costs: 
400 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Fish / Fisheries / Fishing Technology
Market Area: 
Sporting goods, hobby equipment and athletics clothes

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