Machine roomless elevator project

Development of a new type of elevator that does not require a dedicated machine room and that has a reduced shaft size compared to the nominal load.

The project concerns the research, planning, development and prototyping of a new kind of Machine Roomless Elevator using a European industrial patent that has already been granted. This European industrial patent will be used to produce a new concept rope elevator without a machine room and with an innovative system of hardware and software. This new kind of Machine Roomless Elevator is controlled by a new concept system that includes both hardware and software in the internal programmable logic of the main power drive, drastically reducing the use of external PCBs (Printed Circuit Board) and simplifying the wiring. This new system will also simplify the final installation of the controller. A hydraulic system must be immediately rejected for its economical and ecological disadvantages in view of the high power consumption and waste oil disposal problems. Another decisive factor is the final cost of the product, materials, product development and maintenance, and notably the possibility of providing all qualified installation and maintenance technicians with the possibility of installing and maintaining our product. This leads to marketing that must be simple and immediately understandable as well as ecologically compatible with the inevitable market growth of vertical transport in light of continually increasingly working life expectations. The characteristics of this elevator will be very suitable for refurbishments in old buildings due to the reduced shaft size needed. The system must only use the shaft for both the geared motor and the other system elements in order to provide the following expected advantages: - Regulatory restrictions concerning bigger building volumes no longer apply. The machine room, until now necessary for an elevator installation, implies additional construction costs, absorbs precious space and can create aesthetic and planning problems. This type of system completely avoids these restrictions, providing additional space for other purposes; - Building structure costs are reduced, thus eliminating stairs, windows, access doors, electrical systems, etc.; - A small geared motor and controller must bring headroom and pit size to 3.3 and 1.15 metres respectively. The geared motor will be attached to one of the lateral walls by a metallic structure and guides. Therefore only one structural wall is required, thus leaving the potential to build the remaining walls as curtain or protection closure walls; - In addition to these advantageous features, cars with up to three doors can be constructed to address previously irresolvable issues due to rigid construction and space restrictions; - The reduced manoeuvring unit dimensions also allow it to be positioned next to the door on the last floor, along with the emergency device which can be used to manually activate both the mechanical brake and geared motor. Finally, with this project, LIFTWARE S.R.L. and STAR LIFT S.R.L. intend to develop a Machine Roomless Elevator with the reduced shaft size of a hydraulic elevator and with the high speed and comfort of an electric elevator.
Project ID: 
3 992
Start date: 
Project Duration: 
Project costs: 
720 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Civil engineering
Market Area: 
Other construction and Building Products Related

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