Uniting europe through cost management: development of universally applicable state-of-the-art data model

The proposed project is devoted to the development of a complex yet easy-to-use parametrised data (mathematical) model with optimal user interface which will allow for effective cost management and be uniformly applicable.

The proposed project is devoted to the development of a complex yet easy-to-use parameterised data (mathematical) model which will allow for effective cost management and be uniformly applicable to: - different accounting rules and cultural attitudes, - a multitude of different projects, - different grant funding programmes, - partners on different levels of organisational development. Analysis of the market has shown that there exists a great need for such a tool as a similar product does not yet exist. The existing software products can only be used in special environments, which are similar to those in which the particular software product was developed. This means that the current software products are not suitable for application to international consortia from very different cultural backgrounds. Providing such a tool to the market would therefore mean great competitive edge and marketability of the new project, provided that this tool: * is suitable for and easily applicable to any type of grant funding programme/project/partner; * is easy-to-use no matter what country, language or cultural background; * is compatible with other complementary software products (for administrative management, content management, organisation-specific accounting software, etc.) for the creation of possible synergies and * has a developed and functional user support system for quick and efficient maintenance. Consequently, the main goals/objectives of the SUCCESS project are: 1. Development of a technologically innovative parameterised data (mathematical) model and algorithms, based on the identified needs/demands of Internet tool users in the field of cost management, and featuring: - unprecedented versatility, - easy-to-use applicability and - compatibility with other complementary software products. 2. Design of an optimal user interface of the developed software innovation for maximum user acceptance, based on incorporation of: - identified needs/demands of tool users, - results of social, psychological and cultural studies and - modern methods of user acceptance in the final software product. 3. Development of a user support system including administrative tools, which will enable the localisation of said application by local experts with appropriate access rights. To achieve these objectives and to fall within the guidelines of the EUREKA mission, the project's approach has to be and is innovative, wide-ranging and with the potential to be marketed globally and through cooperation. Partners in the project are sufficient for achieving the set objectives and believe they will produce a very innovative, highly marketable application which will greatly increase the competitiveness of its users and the participants in the proposed project. The project is composed of the following work packages: WP - Title 1 - User acceptance research. 2 - Market acceptance research. 3 - Development of user support system. 4 - Software development. 5 – Management.
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3 995
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280 000.00€
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Algorithms and Complexity
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Other services (not elsewhere classified)

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