Industrial process for the production of phb/phbv (poly hydroxybutyrate/phbv)

The aim of the project is to manufacture renewable plastics (phb, phbv) with a new industrial process.

PHB (poly hydroxybutyrate) and PHBV copolymer are intended to replace polyethylenes, polypropylenes and polystyrene in general (plastic film, packing, etc.) and in specialised applications. They differ due to their mechanical properties (breaking strength, tear strength, elasticity, etc.). The project objective is to produce competitive renewable plastics (PHB, PHBV) by an innovative industrial process. PHB and PHBV obtained in the form of powder are then transformed into aggregates or pellets and are used for bio-plastic production. The project consists in developing, at the experimental stage, an alternative technology. This technology will be competitive with regard to the existing classic technologies. The innovation of the SEADEV project is a new production process of PHB and PHBV. SEADEV will produce copolymer by distancing itself from the market: - Use of a competitive process from an economic point of view. The new process will give a real alternative to the classical process. - Valorisation of the agricultural by-products. - Production of a variety of products in respect of sustainable development criteria. Keywords: bio-polymers, PHB/PHBV (poly hydroxybutyrate/PHBV).
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3 997
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Project costs: 
1 700 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Plastics and Rubber related to Chemical Technology and engineering
Market Area: 
Polymer (plastics) materials

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