New stage light, eco-compatible with micro-electro-mechanical devices with new manufacturing processes integrated by ict

New stage light that is eco-compatible and saves energy and is based on the technologies of micro-electro-mechanical devices and space digital modulation of light, together with new manufacturing processes integrated by ict (information and communications technology).

The DIGILITE project supersedes present state-of-the-art using technologies with electromechanical devices and relevant manufacturing processes, integrated into I.C.T (Information and Communication Technology). The project includes three revolutionary ideas, that is: - new nano-structured materials for the spot light; - new technical solutions using micro-electromechanical devices; - new manufacturing process with just-in-time controls in order to obtain a defect-free spot light, together with I.C.T. logic for full-time maintenance. The project deals notably with the possibility for the 'light designer' to control in a very fine and detailed way any single point of the light beam, both for lighting brightness and aperture. This will allow for the use of arbitrary lighting to decorate the backstage and to generate the lighting beam that crosses the stage in a totally flexible way; thus the light designer will be able to express his/her full artistic creativity. The fundamental point of innovation with this new spotlight is: replacement of old optical and mechanical technologies, to create images and modulate the light beam with a new device based on micro-nano technologies. The light beam controls will be realised by means of electronic commands coming from a digital network controlling the lighting system of a stage show or in general for any type of public event. We believe that the control commands of the light beam can be generated in two different ways: a) one based on a totally external control system. A video signal will be sent to the spot light using the digital network; b) the second one based on a classic control. In this case the user will have a series of high level parameters, which will allow for manipulation of the images and three dimensional objects, to create a graphics background and overlapping of a high number of layers. In this case we believe it is necessary to insert inside the fixture a graphics processor with high power computing capabilities able to perform as required. The project will allow for high energy savings, as it is equipped with: a) Innovative circuit topologies for PFC and DSP (Digital Signal Processor) based control of switching parameters to give the highest efficiency; b) An Electronic Ballast designed to obtain from the lamp the highest yield with the less possible energy wasted. The new spot light will be made by means of a new manufacturing process with a J.I.T (Just-in-Time) control system to obtain a 'zero defect' product, integrated with I.C.T. for remote maintenance. Keywords: nano technology, ICT (Information and Communication Technology).
Project ID: 
4 003
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Project Duration: 
Project costs: 
5 500 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Nanotechnologies related to electronics and microelectronics
Market Area: 
Other leisure and recreational products and services

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