Innovative backup power supply to backup and monitor emergency light systems

Isel is a concept, which is to ensure the uninterrupted running of emergency lighting during a fire alarm, without being dependent on the network supply.

The objective of the project is: - To develop an innovative backup power supply for emergency lighting (including battery chargers, rectifiers and inverters by co-researchers). - To develop a safe arrangement of battery banks for the possibilities of standbys of the different branches. - To monitor, measure and compare units in order to monitor emergency lighting. - Communication software. - Visualisation software. - To develop and implement units for communication through the Ethernet and GSM (Global Standard for Mobiles). As has been said many times, the majority of us are, often without realising, more and more dependent on power supplies. Electric power is one of the input gates to the power world, whether in the form of a certain lamp cell or common socket at home. However, even human lives often depend on electric power supply. We only realise rarely in our common lives how often this happens. This does not only relate to the intensive care units in hospitals but also to a lot of smaller or bigger items of equipment, ranging from traffic lights at crossroads to driving mechanisms of vitally important equipment in highway tunnels. The places where important or very important circuits depend on the public distribution network of electric power require action to be taken in case of power failure through an independent electric power supply. The innovative backup power supply for emergency lighting, called ISEL, will be one of them. ISEL is a concept, which is to ensure the uninterrupted running of emergency lighting during a fire alarm, without being dependent on the network supply. It will secure a trouble-free start and running of the emergency lighting for a period of 60 or 120 minutes as a minimum. The backup period of emergency lighting (60 minutes) is determined by valid standards of the CZECH REPUBLIC and EU standards. The equipment will be designed in such a way as to oversize its backup period through an increase in the number of battery branches. The ISEL equipment will include an innovative backup power supply, accumulator banks constructed from more branches (in order to minimise power failure of each cell), a precise accumulator charger, and measuring and controlling units in order to measure, record and monitor each emergency light and in order to communicate through MODBUS - RTU. In order to achieve a high level of reliability of the equipment's operation, the accumulators will be branched. In case of a power failure of one or more cells in one branch, the remaining branch or branches will be able to offer a reliable backup for the required period. The branch capacity will be chosen in such a way as to secure reliable activity despite the ageing of the accumulators and to guarantee the possibility of performing adequate tests and thus not to put reliable operations at risk. Accumulators will be used with a service life of 10-12 years according to the EUROBAT. In order to minimise power failure of each cell, all batteries will be carefully measured and monitored. Acquired values will be recorded and compared with minimum and maximum values defined beforehand. If measured values exceed the tolerance limit, the equipment will warn the operator of the problem by itself and the problem will be displayed and described in detail. The monitoring part of the equipment will serve for highly precise measurements of each branch or the emergency lights themselves. It will serve for communication, measurement and recording of each state acquired e.g. by means of current or optical measurements. Visualisation software will be developed for simple and clearly organised operations. It will always warn the operator, precisely and by visual demonstration, of the immediate state of backed up emergency lights as well as the state of the innovative backup power supply itself. Through visualisation, errors caused by the human factor will be prevented. All progress and each state of the equipment will be displayed on the touch screen or the PC (Personal Computer). There is also the possibility of remote control with the operator or the servicing personnel through the Ethernet or GSM. Complexity, easy operation and clarity are among the important qualities of the ISEL equipment and we should not forget its maximum reliability. Proposed accumulators will require no maintenance. The customer performs regular tests and the servicing is concentrated on the inspection of trouble-free functions and measurement of accumulator capacity. Keywords: emergency, power, light.
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4 061
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Project costs: 
460 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Lighting, illumination
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Process control equipment and systems

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