Frontier investigation of laminated materials

Ultimate test for a rationally, economically and environmentally friendly use of stretch wrap film

Since the 1950s, plastic has become increasingly important for everyday life. This material helps to increase the quality of life and helps technological and scientific development on a global level. Despite these benefits, the use and abuse of plastics cause many environmental problems. These problems have lead to research into innovative/alternative solutions for new material/product designs and waste management technologies. The 'FILM' project, which is focused on cost reduction and efficiency increase in stretch film use for 'end-line' pallet packing systems, aims to provide a response to these issues. 'End-line' pallet packing systems are often required at the end of industrial production lines in order to help stocking and logistic operations through product stabilisation. Many solutions are used for this function, e.g. cardboard, metallic tape, strap, shrink film, stretch film, etc. Cost reduction and environmental constraints call for a general increase in the rational use of resources. Therefore the correct use of machinery and consumption materials (plastic film) is a fundamental point of approach for new technological proposals. Stretch film, which should be used at up to 300% of the original length, is often used at low levels causing much waste of pure material. The 'FILM' project, originating from these needs, will lead to the implementation of a physical simulator of polyethylene stretch film 'end-line' operations. This sensorised simulator will result in a thorough study of film and of stretch technical solutions. The project will also lead to the set-up of a test on advanced production machines in order to transfer the scientific results obtained into industrial applications and to obtain energy efficiency and material savings. Keywords: knowledge, packaging, stretch-film.
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4 068
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1 310 000.00€
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Plastics, Polymers
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Other industrial equipment and machinery

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