B-b - automatic and safe solutions for big-bag processing

Automation of big-bag filling, moving and treatment in several industrial applications

In recent years, the increasing need to optimise logistic processes has lead to enhanced optimisation of production flow in industrial plants (logistic platforms, intermodal integration). High performance supervising tools are used to optimise and reduce the intrinsic inefficiency of the production-logistic-distribution flow (need to stack, transportation, put small commercial units on the market, etc.). Despite this, product treating (filling and weighing, picking and placing, sewing, stacking and managing big sized products) is mostly a manually based operation due to the high variety of products and sizes, productivity needs, transportation, etc. These problems are increasing with the packaging size and are going to be a real limit for production in specific applications. The 'B-B' project is generally directed at the field of packaging systems and more particularly relates to plants for automated filling of BIG-BAG, notably with powders and in general particulate materials. The project relates to a method and apparatus for filling so called 'BIG-BAGS'. To improve handling of such 'B-Bs', handles are fastened on their sides. The new generation of automated solutions for BIG-BAG treating will solve problems such as: - product control and certification, - automation of 'B-B' positioning before filling and weighing, - automation stacking of 'B-B' for transportation. The 'B-B' project is going to develop new advanced mechatronic solutions and new handling technologies for non-conventional materials (for packaging: e.g. bag, wire, cloth), (to be packed: powdery or particulate materials, such as manure, fertilisers, chemicals in general and food powders, or foam plastic materials, as well as solid articles of various types and sizes). The 'B-B' system will increase the performances of B-B treatment, opening new market opportunities in various application fields. Keywords: Big-Bag, automation, safe.
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4 073
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1 940 000.00€
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Packaging / Handling
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Industrial Equipment and Machinery

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