Benthic instrumentation and monitoring system

Integrated instrumentation and monitoring system for
investigation of physical, chemical and geotechnical
properties of the water-sediment interface

Scope of the project is the development of an integrated instrumentation and monitoring system for investigation of physical chemical and geotechnical properties of the water-sediment interface. The BIMS project strategy for the observation of the Benthic environment is performed in two steps: - fast sediment and water testing for the Real-Time measurement of the actual physical, chemical and geotechnical properties in a number of points within the observed area. - long term monitoring of the contaminant fluxes exchanged at water-sediment interface in a location among the above points of the observed area, selected according to geotechnical and geophysical criteria on the basis of data provided by the first step of the investigation. Accordingly, two different systems will be developed: - the Benthic Tester System (BTS) to provide momentary characterization of the investigated site. The BTS is a remotely operated instrumentation system, installed on the seabed and equipped for penetrating probes and collecting samples in the water-sediment interface ranging from approximately 2 metres above to 2 metres below the seabed. - the Benthic Chamber System (BCS) to be installed in selected locations for long term monitoring. A Benthic chamber enables the direct measurement of chemical compound fluxes at the water sediment interface in "in situ" conditions also without a complete characterization of sediments and pore water properties (grain size, porosity, chemical composition, etc.) The system may be sub-divided into the following parts: - basic chamber hardware - water quality control equipment - pollutants measurement instrumentation - software. The structure of the Benthic chamber instrumentation should be modular to enable different configurations to be selected with respect to the actual operational requirements. The project is divided into four phases. Descriptions of these phases and of the BTS and BCS are available.
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