Application of nano-technological silver in practice, verification of anti-bacterial effects and their stabilisation

The basis for these agents are the nano-particles of silver, which are safe and manage to eliminate a whole series of viruses and bacteria.

The basis for these agents is nano-particles of silver, which are safe and manage to eliminate a whole series of viruses and bacteria. It is used as an alternative agent for the prevention and also treatment of various illnesses, similarly to antibiotics. Silver ions influence the material replacement of the cellular system of bacteria, suppressing breathing and the basal metabolism at an electron level and the transport of substrates in the cellular membrane. The antibiotic and fungicidal effect of nano-silver is given by its direct penetration into bacteria and its reaction with -SH groups of oxidising metabolic enzymes of bacteria and thus their suffocation. Another antibacterial effect is caused by the creation of active oxygen. Bacteria also do not obtain resistance towards those metals, which is an advantage compared to classic antibiotics. The application of nanotechnology in medicine will gradually become a part of modern approaches in therapy and not just for skin defects. The aim of ALTERMED's project is to secure research and development into these modern products in the first phase in medical agents and in the second phase in curative preparations. For this reason a research laboratory has to be expanded and completed with the use of the latest technology for developing such products that can be applied in the area of healing wounds, and in the future in other findings too. It will be necessary to expand and also to link to co-operation, a number of university and research institutions. The introduction of these agents into production will enable ALTERMED to expand its portfolio of medical agents and thus increase the competitiveness of the whole firm. With regard to its focus on sales to chemists and doctors, the development and production of medical agents is very promising for ALTERMED. Development will take place in the following stages: 1. Collection of theoretical data, specification of requirements for the stability of raw material, selection of a team of experts and workplaces for co-operation on the project. 2. Analysis of risks, specification of requirements for the stability of preparations, selection of suitable applications, preparation of samples, determination of stability conditions, testing of stability, pre-clinical collection of data. 3. Clinical testing with regard to the determined purpose of use at selected qualified workplaces, report from clinical testing 4. Preparation of technical component: - risk analysis - clinical tests. 5. CE mark certification and other certification needed for exports into individual countries. Keywords: Anti-bacterial, nano-technology, silver.
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4 095
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630 000.00€
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Micro- and Nanotechnology related to Biological sciences
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Other medical/health related (not elsewhere classified)

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