Detection and identification raman of explosives enhanced with crystal/grating technology

To develop a compact/low cost high performance raman spectrometer (enhanced with patented, proprietary, crystal/grating technology) optimised for detection of explosives.

NEED FOR THE PROJECT: Watching the news everyday, it is easy to realise that terrorist attacks are now one of the greatest threats for people. Since September 11th a number of systems for explosives detection have been developed and deployed, but the performance achieved is not enough, as systems are bulky and expensive. The proposed R&D project aims to develop a reliable, low cost explosive detection and identification device, suitable for integration in front-end equipment. REFERENCES: Raman is nowadays a well established analytical technique in forensics and laboratory work. Existing laboratory equipment is bulky and expensive and cannot easily be fielded as detection and identification equipment. Crystal/Grating Technology is a novel patented technology (proprietary of SPECRYS) for measuring light wavelength with high accuracy by the mathematical analysis of the electrical signal derived from the light beam, making it possible to achieve the resolution of large laboratory equipment in compact equipment. During a previous phase of the programme, a first laboratory prototype of a Raman spectrometer with the inclusion of a Crystal/Grating device was developed to demonstrate its feasibility. This initial phase successfully demonstrated the potential applicability of the technology to Raman spectroscopy. The technology needs to be fully developed for the specific application of explosive detection and identification. OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT The goal of this programme is to develop a low cost, compact spectrometer optimised for explosive detection with an acquisition time of less than a second and suitable for integration in front end equipment. To achieve this goal the following objectives are proposed: * Development of a low cost, compact Crystal/Grating enhanced Raman (CGR) spectrometer system capable of detecting trace (micro grams) amounts of explosives. * Characterisation of the spectra captured with the CGR spectrometer building up a materials-explosives library. Spectra acquired with this technology are not directly comparable to traditional Raman libraries. * Development of algorithms for automated recognition of explosives, and development of support software for their recognition. * Preparation of integration with candidate products such as a biometric system, document scanner and particle collection system for baggage screening. PROJECT EXECUTION The project will be carried out by one Spanish company (INDRA SISTEMAS) and one Israeli company (SPECRYS). In general terms, SPECRYS will be responsible for the Crystal/Grating enhanced Raman (CGR) spectrometer system design and manufacturing while INDRA will be responsible for system specification, technology characterisation and preparation of the integration with the front-end products. The duration of the project will be 14 months, and is conceived in two major steps in accordance with the objectives: * Developing an improved prototype, overcoming the major limitations of the actual laboratory prototype and implementing features needed for initial technology characterisation. This prototype will be used for extensive experimentation with the technology and initial characterisation of the performance of the Crystal/Grating Raman technology. * Developing a fully functional prototype that will have a sampling time below one second, complete spectrum analysis in a single measure, no moving parts, reduced size and improved resolution. This second prototype will be used to complete the characterisation of the technology and the results will be used to define algorithms for identification of the different types of explosives under different conditions. The necessary software will be developed to support the identification algorithms. Keywords: raman, explosives, crystal/grating.
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4 096
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860 000.00€
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Hazardous Materials
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Other Consumer Related (not elsewhere classified)

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