Wireless fire alarm system

To implement wireless smart fire alarm systems in physically large indoor/outdoor areas, plants, stores, agricultural areas, forests and historical buildings, where no construction activity is possible.

Project Name: WIRELESS SMART FIRE ALARM SYSTEM Project Description: The conventional fire alarm systems use data cables between all their sensors and alarm modules. They require kilometres of cables to be laid down to every single point in the application area where all these fire modules must be used. In case of any fire, the success of the existing fire alarm system highly depends on continuous functioning of data cables and their connections. On the other hand, fire detectors used in such systems have limited sensor life capacity and their sensitivities deteriorate during their lifespan. Furthermore, fire panels of these systems usually have restrictions in the number of detectors and alarm modules. These fire alarm systems require pre-installation to detect a fire and to give an alarm in indoor areas. The main idea of this project is to develop a new Wireless Smart Fire Alarm System that can be used for multiple purposes and to provide increased reliability and flexibility in the application area when compared to conventional systems. The proposed system includes the development of three novel products: 1. New generation wireless programmable and smart fire alarm panel, 2. New generation wireless programmable and smart fire detectors and, 3. New generation wireless programmable fire alarm modules to meet the demand for a sophisticated fire alert system. The necessity for such a system arises from the following two main reasons: 1. Conventional fire security systems do not have new technological improvement facilities and their capabilities are not suitable to update with new technologies, and 2. New generation fire security systems are needed in emerging markets. Participant companies have enough experience and know-how in electronics, IT (Information Technology), communication and wireless technologies to develop new generation wireless fire alarm systems. The projected system can be installed and used easily in large indoor/outdoor areas, e.g. plants, stores, agricultural areas, forests and historical buildings, where no construction activity is possible. The new system can be monitored and managed by remote terminals. The wireless, programmable and smart fire detectors and the network composed of these detectors, which can be used for both indoor and outdoor areas, are more reliable because they can keep their sensitivity for a long time. Moreover, their detection level can be set by the system according to climate and environmental conditions. Wireless detectors will be able to communicate at different frequencies. These detectors are powered by an electrical outlet in the environment as well as rechargeable batteries to continue its operation in case of any electrical interruption. By using a smart wireless fire panel and its peripheral wireless modules, cabling problems will be resolved and, also the workmanship and material costs will be reduced. The problems such as cable burning, cord connection failures, oxidised cables and broken points will not be a single point of failure anymore for fire security. Therefore, all detectors and alarm modules used in this system will communicate wirelessly with both each other and the fire panel. The system designed can easily be adapted to computer systems and conventional fire alarm systems. Moreover, many fire alarm systems deployed in different areas can be integrated through a fire panel network. The proposed system can be pre-installed in the application area and it can be deployed during a fire event. For example, in case of a fire event, wireless detectors can be deployed where portable and wireless fire panels are used in conjunction with the deployed detectors. The collection of data and monitoring of detector logs are achieved without any physical connection. The proposed fire panel performs fire detection via wireless smoke and temperature detectors, and provides the required data via wireless communication. The project steps will be implemented by four project teams located in TURKEY, THE NETHERLANDS and SPAIN. Each team will be divided into sub-teams according to their task categories. The division of the work is based on phases such as research, investigation, application, development, demonstration, troubleshooting and testing. The project will be completed in 25 months. Keywords: wireless detector, wireless smart fire alarm, fire panel.
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4 097
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2 610 000.00€
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Fire Safety Technology
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