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Development of an on-line integral services platform for distributed terminal networks that can automatically handle applications and update patch installation processes, returning a pc to its previous stable state following a software problem.

Nowadays there are a huge number of enterprises working in networks with few PCs (this is the case with small companies, for instance). The computer maintenance of these networks is usually an external service because it does not usually feature qualified technical staff, as a result external aid is required. However, this external help is not very sophisticated, and is far for resolving problems. They give remote support to incident resolution from a call centre. This means that when they suffer from serious software problems, it is necessary to resolve them in situ, reinstalling the SW (Software) components needed in each computer, making the process expensive (spending time and money). The facilities and support services offered to companies with small/medium-sized PC (Personal Computer) networks share some distinctive characteristics: - Very de-structured network environment. - The user demands robust PCs, but it is impossible to force restrictive policies in order to increase the stability because the user does not want to loose privileges over his/her PC. - Wide variety of networks, PCs and computer peripheral. - Absence in many cases of internal system groups. - Strong presence of local support. - Almost every enterprise has broadband Internet access. The current solutions for solving the special needs of these kinds of environments are far from the ideal solution: * Basic auto diagnostic and auto solve facilities. * Application and infrastructure support based on knowledge databases and some auto solve contextual systems. * Remote control facilities to support incidence solutions (first level support). * Complementary back-up systems. The innovation of this platform lies in the fact that the merger between the IRM (Interface of Models of Reference) and 'Secure Evolution Site' offers management facilities for their PC in order to enhance the deployment of new software. Furthermore, in case of disaster, the IT (Information Technology) assets will be recovered very quickly, so there is no need for any trips to the physical PC location, and the computers will recover their system configuration from prior to the problems. Both the installation of new application and the system configuration recovery will be carried out automatically. This intelligence brought to these enterprises is normally beyond their reach (due to the high costs in acquisition and operation). Thus, the main objective of this project is to develop a platform that allows for managing the computer networks of these companies in a much more automatic way, in order to reduce the potential time of error power off and reduce the costs of management. This would allow such enterprises to acquire PC management facilities that nowadays they can not afford.
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4 107
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790 000.00€
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Computer Software technology
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Operating systems and utilities

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