Check-in check-out express

Develop a kiosk accessible to the general public to automate and speed up hotel tasks related to customers, such as check-in, check-out, immediate bill payment, check-in of passenger boarding cards for flights and other tourist services and facilities.

With the objective of finding out the needs of the hotel market, FRACTALIA began an exhaustive study that produced the following results: - Hotel staff need relief from the burden of repetitive tasks that do not contribute to adding service value, allowing them to focus on what is really important in this environment: the customer. - In an important functional subset of the hotel sector, that related to business trips, the customer demands that work involving checking into the hotel (reservation confirmation, additional product selection, etc.) and checking out (paying bills, flight reservations, etc.) are executed rapidly and without delay. A system that would make these tasks automatic is thus applicable to this sector, so that both the hotel staff and customers can focus on what is really important, customer service from staff and rest for customers, minimising the time dedicated to administrative tasks. The main objective of this project is the automation and optimisation of many hotel tasks by means of a public access kiosk that provides the following technological and functional novelties: - Carry out the first automation of the market, without the need for hotel staff, including all the functionalities described above. - Integration with any management system (PMS - Project Management and Scheduling) the hotel has, since it will be developed using an open interface. The interface with every system will be developed as plug-ins, so it will be an upgradeable and multiplatform system. - It will issue magnetic room keycards, incorporating a magnetic card recorder-dispenser. Again, its open interface will allow integration with any existing system in the market. - The immediate incorporation of customers into the hotel user loyalty programmes, since the solution will issue typical customer loyalty magnetic cards, point awards, etc. - Through the incorporation of ID (Identifier) card reading and data acquisition systems (national ID cards, passports, driving licenses, etc.), these being national and international, the police form is filled in automatically so it is unnecessary for the customer to go to the hotel front desk. - The digital tablet signature system will legitimate all documents generated in the kiosk (bills, police forms, hotel signup, etc.). - Acquisition of boarding cards by means of integration with online check-in systems offered by airlines companies. - The design of the solution is flexible: it allows for upgrades and modifications automatically with few human and economic resources needed for this.
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4 108
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Project Duration: 
Project costs: 
570 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Software for tourism
Market Area: 
Hotels and resorts

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