Major accident prevention with regard to potential sources of risk in the new member states of the eu

Proposal of a prevention system to avoid major accidents with respect to potential sources of risk in line with the implementation of directive no. 2003/105 of the european parliament and the council in the new eu states.

Law No. 59/2006 of the Collection of Laws on prevention of major accidents in the CZECH REPUBLIC (implementation of the directive of the European Parliament and Council No. 2003/105/ES from December 16th, 2003 in the CZECH REPUBLIC) and the related operating regulations, divide the objects and storerooms, where special dangerous chemical substances or chemical agents are located, into three groups: objects or storerooms classified into group A, objects or storerooms classified into group B, unclassified objects or storerooms. Various duties result from the law for individual operators of these objects according to their classification, with the following three principal ones belonging among them: - for the objects or storerooms classified in group A, the operator must develop a notice and safety prevention programme for major accidents, - for the objects or storerooms classified in group B, the operator must develop a notice and a safety report (includes the safety programme), and an interior accident plan for written documents for the district authorities for the determination of the zone of accident planning and for developing the exterior accident plan, - for the objects or storerooms not classified in group A or B, the operator must develop and keep a protocol of their non-classification into mentioned groups. As far as insurance and legal compliance is concerned, the Regional authority, which is the respective administrative authority in the branch of prevention of major accidents, has the main responsibility in discussions on the territorial planning documentation. In the CZECH REPUBLIC, in the territory of 14 regions, there are about 150 enterprises which belong to group A or B according to the law on prevention of major accidents. Although the system of classification of the enterprises into groups, including writing the binding documentation stipulated by law, has been realised in the CZECH REPUBLIC since 1999 when the first wording of the law on prevention of major accidents was implemented, until now a unified system of information processing has not been introduced, not even at the level of regional authorities. Since 2006, according to the supplementary bill, the system of registration has been extended with other objects and storerooms marked as unclassified. From the viewpoints of individual groups of enterprises (A+B), another very large group of objects and storerooms which will be registered by the bodies of the state administration was established in 2006. Subsequently, it will be necessary to decide about the classification of these enterprises into group A or B, whether on the basis of synergy effects, impact of domino-effects or probability of the accident occurrence. The number of unclassified objects with the volume of substances exceeding 2% of the volume of the quantity of dangerous substances mentioned in the annex to Act No. 59/2006 of the Collection of Laws will, on the basis of experts' opinions, amount to several hundred. The same situation can be found in the other new states of the EU, e.g. in POLAND and in SLOVAKIA. For this reason it is necessary to write and provide documentary evidence for the objects and storerooms where specific dangerous chemical substances or chemical agents are located and subsequently a proposal of a system of prevention of major accidents with respect to potential sources of risks, with the utilisation of the GIS and uniform database. The final output will be represented by the uniform system of evaluation of the risks, supplemented with an innovation module system for the formation of applications utilisable in the sphere of integrated control of risks which will enable a simple look at the existing state, and through this system, it will simplify the following updating of information, classification, etc. It will be possible to utilise the system even at other levels of the state administration (for the Ministry of Life Environment and Inspection of the Life Environment). The system could also be commercially exploited. Within the framework of the project, the information will be collected and written clearly in a simple form, familiar to the users (tables, data bases, maps), so that they can be suitably used for the purpose of regional authorities for the fulfilment of their duties according to this law and for developing regional accident plans. Clearly arranged and uniformly written data will also contribute to better evaluation of cases of synergy effects of individual objects registered according to this law which have not been uniformly evaluated yet. Data will be subsequently used for the selection of suitable scenarios. A simple point system - until now missing in general practice - evaluating the receiver of the risk, will form part of the project. The system of preventing major accidents will be, in the form of a regional scenario, prepared for selected regions in POLAND and SLOVAKIA. Within the framework of international cooperation, a testing system across the borders (CZECH REPUBLIC/POLAND) will be produced. The project consists of 5 main objectives to be met through a system of 15 partial objectives within a period of 4 years. Keywords: risk assessment, contamination, accident prevention.
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