Wipox (wireless pulse oximeter)

Wipox is a project for developing an innovative wireless pulse oximeter intended for continuous remote monitoring of chronic patients, mainly copd (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and sleep apnea patients.

PROJECT OVERVIEW: In order to reduce costs associated with unnecessary hospitalisations and patient-doctor encounters, and enable the patients a fast return to their normal life, there is a strong need to enable hospitalised patients to participate in their own care, in close collaboration with their healthcare provider. The project WIPOX (Wireless Pulse Oximetry) is a cooperation project between KAROLINSKA UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL (SWEDEN), AEROTEL MEDICAL SYSTEMS (ISRAEL) and TELIASONERA (SWEDEN) that aims at developing and testing an innovative solution for secure and reliable transfer of medical data in a wireless, real-time mode. The project also provides necessary infrastructure to test, experiment and conduct clinical and engineering trials to evaluate the usability and benefits of the proposed solution. The WIPOX systems is a mobile wearable medical monitoring solution targeted specifically at monitoring COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) patients within their home or actually in any place outside the hospital, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), more than 600 million people worldwide and approximately 44 million in Europe. COPD is a chronic, non-curable disease that seriously affects a patient’s quality of life. It is today the fourth largest cause of death and is fast becoming the third. Thus the proposed solution will enable patients to live as close to normal life as possible, while assisting medical personnel in effectively monitoring and managing the disease, detecting emergency conditions in real-time and responding to them, all while reducing the amount of unnecessary hospitalisation and saving costs. The WIPOX system will use a custom validated monitoring station for secure and reliable communication of data between the patient and the hospital. A platform is to be used to support disparate telemedicine services and brings forth the possibility of adopting telemedicine services into daily routines in the health care sector. The platform has been developed by KAROLINSKA UNIVERSITY hospital based on usability evaluation. Commercialisation and market exploitation of the final product will be investigated and dissemination of information to stakeholders will take place. The project is coherent with EU ‘e-Health’ and ‘Applications and Services for the mobile user and worker’ initiatives and exploits significant experience from the AMON project, coordinated by TADIRAN SPECTRALINK (now its activity is part of AEROTEL) and MOBIHEALTH which TeliaSonera participated in. This project is in some parts related to strategic scientific studies and technology innovation outcomes from the former bi-national project TeleMedIS, conducted by the partners under the SIBED (EUREKA) programme. The TeleMedIS project was stated as one of three ‘Success Projects’ by VINNOVA and MATIMOP in 2006. OBJECTIVE AND MOTIVES: The motive behind the WIPOX solution is that patients moving around home or at work, or in emergency medical situations, can be monitored from the hospital in real-time, eliminating unnecessary hospital visits, and enhancing care efficiency and quality of life. This is based on the assumption that future telemedicine services have to adapt to the patients’ and physicians’ mobility needs. Patients will be able to move without restriction nearly everywhere, at the same time sending and/or receiving continuous real-time medical information or advice. The strategic motives behind the project are to increase the medical safety and quality of the clinical and technical service and to improve the quality of care and continuity of care (before, during and after hospitalisation). Additionally, the WIPOX project will serve as a model for future emerging Mobile Health services and will accelerate the development and integration of similar services into daily routines of the healthcare system. The long run impact of the project will be to further reduce the costs of treating chronic patients and improve quality of service to patients.
Project ID: 
4 153
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Project costs: 
1 440 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Measurement Tools
Market Area: 
Monitoring equipment

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