Retractable safety grating in modular kit

The project's goal is to develop an openable armoured grating that can be manufactured and sold in modular kit.

The project's goal is to develop a new kind of retractable grating that can be manufactured and sold in modular kit. The new armoured grating will reach a resistance to forcing of Class 3. We will also develop the necessary machinery, a multipurpose press, which allows for cutting the metal bars. The main phases of the project are the following: 1. Choice of the materials that have to be used in order to give the grating the safety features as required by rule ENV 1672. A study will be conducted particularly on iron reinforcements and reinforced plastics. 2. Study of the reinforcement structure size, situated in the aluminium sections. The structure must be compatible with the sections and the following workings. 3. Study and development of the grating's components in a modular way. 4. Study and development of the machinery for the component production. 5. Production of a small grating sampling for each foreseen typology. 6. The prototypes will be subjected to tests at accredited laboratories, to verify meeting Class 3 resistance to forcing requirements. 7. It may be that the subjected prototypes need some modifications and improvements to reach Class 3. In this phase, we will analyse the tests results, make the necessary improvements and submit the prototypes for the tests again. 8. This phase covers the design updating and the writing of the installer's workbook.
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4 155
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Project costs: 
1 000 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Industrial Manufacture
Market Area: 
Manufacture of Building Materials

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