Development and adaptation of the rice cultivars of other areas to obtain high quality seeds

This project is focused on the development and optimisation of a rice seed production process using new tools and techniques. It will carry out the study of the new rice cultivars for their adaptation in other countries.

The main objective of this project is the development and optimisation of new rice seeds for adaptation to different zones and also to obtain high quality and higher productivity using new tools and techniques. In this project, the technical team will search and will work to develop new rice cultivars for their adaptation to the climatic conditions of each zone of cultivation. The development of a rice seed production process will be controlled with agriculturist notebooks, which will be used to define the standard parameters. These parameters are necessary to define the new software and they are important for good rice growing. The partners in this consortium are the COOPERATIVE OF EJEA (SPAIN) and CASA AGRICOLA CECILIO (PORTUGAL). Both of them cultivate different rice seed cultivars and they are experts in handling the rice seeds which are selected to be studied. There is also knowledge transfer in this project. The COOPERATIVE OF EJEA will provide the Portuguese company with its knowledge in the production of its rice cultivars which have been selected for their fields in PORTUGAL. The organisations are going to see diversification across their entire range of products. They are also going to determine the types of tests. These tests will be set out in the agricultural notebooks corresponding to the daily work in the field. The results will be compiled in the agricultural notebooks. Both companies are going to see commercial expansion and the opening of new markets. These notebooks will allow for designing the software. At the beginning, the Spanish company will set up this software while the Portuguese company will assess the possibility of setting it up in its company, depending on the results. Initially, the production of these rice cultivars will be aimed at human consumption, but in the long term certification of the cultivars chosen for this study will be a goal. The process of seed certification ensures that the connection between the original crop and the final product is never broken due to the presence of a traceability system. The project results will allow the consortium companies to obtain products with high value, making them different to the sector competitors and improving their market position. Keywords: rice cultivars, notebooks, high quality seeds.
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4 167
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1 320 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Plant selection/production technology
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Food and Beverages

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