Definition of a stereo 3d lcd display based on the dual time and wavelength multiplex principle

The design of a stereo 3d lcd flat screen that realises the full resolution of the new hd-tv formats. The new 3d dualplex display ensures full mobility for its viewer and is suited for more than one viewer. It is based on the lcd display technology and 3d projection technology developed by infitec.

The goal of this project is to build a 3D-stereo TFT-Monitor (Thin-Film-Transistor) with a superior resolution and image quality. This can be achieved by implementing the existing INFITEC wavelength multiplex technology into the existing TFT-LCD (Thin Film Transistor - Liquid Crystal Display) technology. The resolution of the TFT-LCD will not be reduced. The brightness will remain about 300 cd/square metre. Three different display modes are possible: 1) 3D-stereo RGB-0: One eye receives one image at one time while the other eye receives a black image. Example: Frame 1. right eye: RGB image A, left eye dark Frame 2. right eye: dark, left eye RGB image B Both frames provide the complete 3D-stereo information. 2) 3D stereo RB-G: Both eyes continuously receive images at all times. The right eye receives either the RB image or G image at two subsequent time frames. The left eye receives the complementary spectral colour at the same time. Example: Frame 1. right eye: RB image A, left eye G image B Frame 2. right eye: G image A, left eye RB image B Both frames provide the complete 3D-stereo information. By using this method even at lower frame frequencies (less than 100Hz) there will be no remarkable flicker or fatigue of the eyes. 3) 2D 'mono' The INFITEC display can be switched electronically between 3D-stereo and 2D mode.
Dualplex Display
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4 195
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430 000.00€
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Visualisation, Virtual Reality
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