Fiscal cash register for petrol station

Turpak fiscal cash register for petrol stations

TURPAK FISCAL CASH REGISTER for PETROL STATION Project name = TCR A Fiscal Electronic Pump Cash Register (hereafter referred to as PCR) will be designed for petrol stations. According to the fiscal law of TURKEY, it is necessary to connect all petrol pumps to PCR. The related Decree (No: 58) was issued by the Turkish Ministry of Finance on 31.11.2003. In order to 'control the tax loss with petrol sales' & 'prevent the illegal entry of petrol', all petrol pumps must be connected to PCR. PCR controls pumps; i.e. without authorisation from a PCR pump, fuel cannot be sold. In addition, after each filling, PCR prints a fiscal receipt and registers the sale in its non-volatile memory. Product definition: 1. Project Name: Turpak TCR. 2. Product Definition: Fiscal Outdoor Electronic Cash Register for Petrol Stations. 3. Legal requirements: This product will be designed according to the related Decrees of the Turkish Ministry of Finance: These are Decree Nos: 58, 59, 66 & 68. 4. TCR will be placed near Fuel Pumps in Petrol Stations outside. So, it should operate under outdoor conditions: Rain, Cold-Hot weather, Wind, Dust, etc. 5. TCR should be connected to the pumps (Wayne, Tokheim, Gilbarco, Mepsan, Petposan, Baransay, etc.) used. 6. It should also be possible to communicate with 'Station Automation' & 'Vehicle Recognition Systems'. Features: 1) There will be 2 main units: * Unit-1 = ECR; It will be placed near the Pump. This unit will contain the following main units: Printer, Keyboard, Display, Fiscal memory, Fiscal control board, Electronic Journal, etc. * Unit-2 = PIR: Pump Intelligent Router. This unit is placed in the pump and it communicates & controls pumps. In addition this unit communicates with ‘Station Automation’. 2) TCR will be used outdoors. So, it must work under the below conditions: - Temperature range = -30 degrees Celsius (C) / +55 degrees C - Humidity = 10% - 90% - Water & Dust = IP-54 - Station safety req. = Atex. 3) User interface - Keyboard = 45 keys, Alpha numeric outdoor key set. - Display = 4 lines 20 Characters dot matrix display. 4) Printer: Thermal, easy loading, heavy duty printer. 5) Fiscal memory = 2,100 days of fiscal data capacity. 6) Electronic Journal.
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4 202
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Project costs: 
120 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Electronic measurement systems
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Utilities and Related Firms

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