Agronomic development of a production system to obtain high quality wood through new alternatives.

This project is based on the cultivation of cherry and walnut trees to obtain hardwood, and the development of a new system to control the tree growth and wood production.

The main objective of this project is based on optimising the cultivation of cherry and walnut trees. The project will contribute to individual tree selection where they are better adapted to the Castejon de Monegros area. As regards tree cultivation for obtaining hardwood, it will be necessary to differentiate the cultivation of walnut and cherry trees, in addition to each stage. At the beginning, all the trees will be planted and placed a suitable distance between each row. Another aspect to emphasise is controlling the amount of fertiliser necessary for improving the development of the cherry and walnut trees. This control will be carried out with a liquid manure reusability system. All major critical points of the culture of both species will also be controlled. For this, the use and improvement of a new system with communication using Bluetooth will be very important. This system will collect daily data of the diameter and height of trees. With a GPS (Global Positioning System) system, the location of each tree will be controlled and the data of the equipment will be downloaded to the central system. The system will connect the data of valuable parameters and the exact location of the tree. With this system, the registries can be updated for controlling the growth of trees as well as the production and productivity of the plantation tree crops. In addition, production process information will be available. It will facilitate making decisions, as well as the improvement in data management. For controlling climatology, a weather station will be installed to help with plot work. In order to obtain quality wood, i.e. as straight as possible, dynamic pruning will be used whereby it directs the vertical growth of the tree through guides. In the zone where the trees are located, the wind is an important adverse climatic factor and is taken into account in the pruning. For this reason, during the pruning, the wind direction and its force are compensated, leaving a greater or smaller number of branches either side of the tree. Keywords: hardwood, walnut tree, cherry tree.
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1 780 000.00€
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Horticulture technology
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