Settling of a casein and by-products industrial pilot plant

Industrial pilot unit for milk acidification and manufacture
of native casein and by-products (new generation of milk

Phase 1: Industrial pilot unit for milk acidification (protonization) to obtain the best ISO Electric Point, of casein, without adding acid and by other means than the traditional processes such as HCL, H2SO4, lactic acid and rennet. Phase 2: complete industrial pilot unit, to manufacture native casein and by products. Those new products offer real prospects for future developments of inventive and value added output. World innovation by creating a new generation of milk product. Technological interest in the following fields: - separative membrane techniques - centrifugal separation - ion exchange - general control of milk fractionating processes. Phase 1: jointed with existing unit of casein manufacturing will provide the following advantages: - no addition of acid - production of high quality casein - functional and nutritional protein quality, more fitted to the needs and necessities of the market - bacteriology under control - caseinate manufactured more easily - no heavy metals in the product, usually introduced by acids - improved yield and material balance - opening up of a new way to manufacture traditional casein by ultra filtration (UF). Microfiltration/diafiltration, UF systems. - improvement of the centrifugal decanter on the existing plant - simultaneous production of demineralized whey, minimum 60% demineralization, more if necessary. This whey is used as a proton - adding agent in the 3-compartment electro- dialyzor - this technique will open new avenues for new products (Phase 2). Phase 2: this phase cannot be dissociated from Phase 1, of which it is an extension, and will offer the following characteristics: - world innovation - new ways for milk products, by creating a new generation of basic products with high added values (type "native casein" pH selected: pH 2.8 to 4 and pH 5 to 7). This native casein can be used as follows: - just as it is - as a substitute for caseinate and milk powders - to manufacture baby foods - to standardize milk for cheese factories - this product is totally transformed into cheese and will advantageously replace UF. In this way, it does away with permeate production (it is very difficult to enhance the value of these permeates) - for cheese manufacturers, this product does away with investment costs and running costs linked to UF. - to be used in the pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical industry - to be used in dietetics, paediatrics and geriatrics - for the food industry generally - to increase yields (compared with traditional casein production) - to regulate and better control milk production throughout the year. This so-called "native casein" product can also be used as raw material. The protein part for new proteins fractionating to isolate some specific milk proteins, or to hydrolyse this protein part. It will lead to new ways of obtaining milk products. At the same time, demineralized whey or permeates capable of being fractionated and put to good use will be produced. These products are used at the same time to exchange protons in the 3 compartment- electrodialyzor. This product, whose name remains to be defined, is totally pure and fully soluble. It will be enhanced by the following prime qualities: - safe keeping of functional and nutritional quality of proteins - bacteriologically controlled - heavy metals due to acids are done away with - continuous process - improved yield and material balance - maintaining of organoleptic qualities - this product is a high added value product and can be dispensed with subsidies.
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2 500 000.00€
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