Horticulture: biological products, production and marketing

Investigation and optimisation of biotechnological methods; use of various biological products to minimise the usage of chemicals; development of new biological products friendly to the environment.

With the main emphasis on horticulture, the proposed project is designed to explore the possibilities of preparation, production and marketing of biologically sound products that would revitalise soils, protect plants and enhance their growth, immunity and productive potential. SIA BIOEFEKTS - a Latvian-owned company - for plant protection and other agricultural and gardening needs is producing biological products that contain live microorganisms. One such product is BIOCOMPOSTER which is specifically prepared to facilitate the decomposition of garden and kitchen wastes and the elimination of noxious microorganisms and weed seeds. Microorganisms used in the preparation of the products have not been genetically modified. The products are free from active chemicals and can be safely applied to plants in all kinds of environments. AGENDA 1) To test the effectiveness of various biological products on various plant species in both open (strawberry, onion and ornamental crops - lilies, irises, dahlias, gladiolus) and closed (tomatoes, cucumbers, paprika, lettuces and ornamental crops - lilies, limonium (statice), gypsophila) environments. 2) To test the modes of application of various biological products - e.g. by soaking plants before planting, by preparing the soil, and by spraying against insects, fungi or other disasters. 3) To research the effectiveness of biological products and the productive capacity of plants that have been treated at various stages of their development and growth. 4) To prepare an instruction manual for users of biological products applied in ecologically sound practices. 5) To develop new ecological products based on the foregoing research. Keywords: soil microorganisms, plant protection, biological products.
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4 438
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200 000.00€
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Horticulture technology
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