Integral control of the production process of different types of olive oil

The companies will carry out a control of the cultivation, extraction, packaging and preservation aspects of the olive oil production process to obtain high quality products.

The main objective is to evaluate the impact of parameters in the production, transformation, preservation and distribution processes on the health and quality characteristics of different oil types. The specific objectives to achieve the main objective are: - Control of the parameters of cultivating olive trees that affect final olive oil quality and its preservation. - Optimisation of the extraction of olive oil to obtain a high quality olive oil. - Control and disposal of waste water generated to avoid environmental pollution. - Development of a bottling system for the packing to maintain high quality characteristics of olive oil. - Study and analysis of the integral process of olive oil production to know the parameters that decrease the final quality of the product. - Control and analysis of the storage process of the different types of high quality olive oil. These processes will be controlled by CORPORACION OLEICOLA MONCAYO since it is the leader of the consortium. It will achieve an integrated control of the olive tree crop and the harvest to obtain a high quality olive oil. The companies will develop a bottling system and a preservation process to maintain high quality olive oil obtained in olive production and olive oil extraction. This project has three parts for controlling the olive oil production process: - The first will be the cultivation process, the harvest and the olive oil extraction. - The second will be olive oil bottling with an automatic system. - The final will be preservation under good storage conditions. Keywords: Olive oil, integrated control, high quality.
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4 453
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2 570 000.00€
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Agricultural technology
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Food and Beverages

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