Manufuture industry

The cluster will deal with pilot initiatives, aimed at implementation, within the manufuture framework, of the strategic intelligence developed by manufuture and related entities. This will lead and accelerate the transformation of european industry towards competitive sustainable manufacturing.

SUMMARY: Manufuture Industry is an industrial R&D programme promoting new High Added Value Production Systems, as Knowledge based Competitive and Sustainable European Products. MF.IND will contribute to European recovery and green growth, based on the CSM Paradigm proposed by Manufuture. The central objective of this industry-driven programme is to promote the development of Next Generation Factories as well as the setting up of networks of related stakeholders: manufacturers, their suppliers, system companies, design houses, research institutes and universities. Addressed technologies range from energy efficient and high performance mechatronic components and machinery; to Kbased green factories and market responding eco-friendly collaborative production networks. Including standards, methods and digital tools for sustainable production systems development and management during their life cycle. Manufuture Industry will develop Demonstrators and Pilot Factories/Production Systems, strongly co-operating with the EC "Factories of the Future" PPP Initiative and with the PRO-FACTORY Umbrella Project. DESCRIPTION: * RATIONAL AND VISION. The definition phase started in coincidence with the beginning of an era of profound economic crisis and change. Recovery from the "bubble crisis" and future strategic growth call for "real Economy". HAV Kbased Competitive Sustainable Manufacturing (CSM) - the paradigm proposed by Manufuture and adopted by MF.IND. - is an enabler of the new "real Economy". CSM can help recovery as well as enable future growth. The EU Recovery Economic Plan includes Innovation Initiatives such as the "Factories of the Future" (FoF) initiative (1.2 billion euros investment), that refers to Manufuture strategy and addresses CSM. A (FoF- PPP) first call was launched last November and proposals have already been evaluated. Meanwhile a three year Strategic Multi-annual Roadmap has been developed. It considers four domains for RTD&I complying with the CSM paradigm. Within this evolving complex and challenging context, Eureka Cluster Manufuture Industry, during its definition phase, has analysed and defined its role. The specific reference model may be described as "Double Helix" Innovation approach, concerned with Circular Economy, Sustainable Production, Eco-innovation. Its goals and activities, focusing on the "Factory as a Product", decided and supported by Industry committed investments, should be seen as a bottom up recovery and growth Initiative, within the medium-short term horizon. It complements the EC "Factories of the Future"" PPP Initiative. Hence, within ERA, EC "Factories of the Future" PPP Initiative and EUREKA Cluster Manufuture Industry do cover RTD&I - concerning the "Factory" /Production Systems domain - from medium to medium-short term horizon. As for the above, EUREKA Cluster Manufuture Industry will contribute to the promotion and support, through HAV K-based Innovation, of higher and sustainable green growth. Relevant and new competitive and technological challenges are related to: * The acceleration of sustainable industrial production - as a new opportunity for value creation; * The concept of eco-innovation, understanding the interaction of supply and demand; * The development of new technological and systemic solutions to sustainability challenges; * The evolution/ transformation of national and global markets. To fully face such a challenge next generation European Production Systems must be conceived as customised products, based on HAV enabling technologies, complying with the CSM requirements. Europe has the opportunity to face such a challenge having still some knowledge, skill and technology advantage, compared to other world manufacturing players. Different RTD&I strategies and actions are necessary along the roadmap towards future Sustainable European Production Systems, as a Product, to be sold globally by European companies and as a Process and Enabling Technology, contributing to the shift of the European industrial "fabric" towards CSM. They range from new Knowledge and Standards for CSM, to activation of performance potential by cognitive ICT and smart technologies; to development of new sustainable and energy efficient machines and processes for different sectors; as well as of green Products-Services for different market segments, and new Business Models and Organisations for companies. Specific targets will be: energy efficient and high performance mechatronics components and machinery; sustainable and self-adaptive production lines, knowledge based green factories and market responding and eco-friendly collaborative production networks. Major impacts will be new competitive advantage of EU technology suppliers, energy efficient machine tool suppliers, system integrators and green factory suppliers on the global market, as well as of EU producers in specific consumer oriented manufacturing sectors and market segments. Overall programme plan main phases cover from identification of specific strategic and operational industrial needs, to identification of networks of EU industries (technology suppliers, system integrators, manufacturers) and research actors, to launch calls and evaluate and label projects, the execution of projects and its monitoring, industrial validation of developed solutions by means of pilot factories/systems, their exploitation for global market opportunities, definition of business plans and of promotion and transfer actions at EU level for effective exploitation of results. The governance of the EUREKA Cluster "MANUFUTURE Industry" is supported by a structure composed of: a General Assembly, a Cluster Board, a Support Group, a Cluster Office, a Working Group "strategy, synergy and coordination", Ad-hoc Groups. Interaction with Public Authorities will be, particularly, taken care of. Co-operation in ERA and co-ordination within EUREKA - necessary to improve effectiveness and overall efficiency of MF.IND. Cluster - will be pursued through the especially established Working Group for "Strategy, Synergy and Coordination". 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4 456
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400 000 000.00€
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Raising the productivity and competitiveness of European businesses through technology. Boosting national economies on the international market, and strengthening the basis for sustainable prosperity and employment.