Envelope buildings for historic buildings, monuments, stone ruins, etc.

Environmental, climatological, preservation, architectural
and economic aspects of protection buildings for monuments,
ruins, etc.

1. Background: Degradation of culturally valuable buildings, monuments and ruins has been accelerating in recent years, primarily due to a combination of climatic and polluting effects. The origin of the project was a decision made by the NORWEGIAN INSPECTORATE OF ANCIENT MONUMENTS AND HISTORIC BUILDINGS (RIKSANTIKVAREN) that the ruin of the old cathedral of Hamar, NORWAY would have to be protected by a building, in order to save it from complete demolition. To this end, an architectural competition was held at which the architects Lund and Slaatto won first prize, with Dr. Techn. Kristoffer Apeland as consultant. In 1988 it was decided to carry out a pilot study for the project. In starting up the pilot study, it was realized that the problems encountered were of a general and interdisciplinary character, which would fit in with the EUROCARE concept. It was therefore decided to initiate a EUROCARE project within whose framework the Hamar ruin should serve as a case. 2. Objectives: The prime objective of the project is to develop criteria, tools and methods for the evaluation of protection systems, and to develop concepts for protection buildings. The following sub-objectives may be stated: 1. Establish and classify criteria for climatological and environmental conditions being relevant for the field. 2. Develop architectural and technological criteria for protection buildings. 3. Establish archaeological and preservation criteria in accordance with the environmental and technological criteria for protection buildings. 4. Apply and evaluate criteria and methods in connection with the construction of envelope building for the Hamar ruin and other cases. 5. Develop appropriate designs for combination of light structures and glass or other transparent materials, in accordance with architectural, climatological and preservation criteria.
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370 000.00€
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