The project aims to study, design, develop and experiment an advanced ict-based service to support manufacturing smes in achieving supply chain optimisation. The main goal is to develop and test innovative ict-based services for supply chain optimisation.

Globalisation and the continuously changing environment expose new knowledge prospects in key business areas. These key areas are: innovations - product development, customer relationships and supply chain management. There is a need for process simplification and especially, the integration of processes with the business partner’s processes. The customers require short delivery time, service quality and flexibility, and price reduction. These requirements can not be met without the corresponding connectivity of different actors along the supply chain. Supply chain processes are therefore one of the strategic areas experiencing many changes. IT (Information Technology) investments and development of strong partnerships with the suppliers are key elements for achieving a competitive position. Supply chain management is therefore a strategic process, and includes: planning, purchasing, production, inventory management, warehousing, manipulation, distribution, logistics and quality. The E-KLIC project is aiming to investigate how to introduce new technologies through optimised business processes in the supply chain. The research will first be focusing on identifying ‘use cases’, business processes upon which the manufacturer expects the new ICT (Information and Communications Technology) and improved processes would have a major impact. The test case is how to replace paper-based procedures of manufacturing SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises). Expected results are optimised business processes (including maintenance process) in the supply chain of the project’s participating industrial partner. To achieve this purpose, several tools for business modelling will be used. It is expected that the project will prove that optimisation of these processes leads to increased productivity and competitiveness of the small company involved. It will demonstrate the generation of inventory efficiency for manufacturers and product availability for consumers. During the project life cycle, business integration consisting of business processes, network interfaces, and electronic documents for cost reductions in the selected company will be investigated. Supply chain performance is all about integration of strategy, processes, organisation and information systems. The focus will be on investigating whether or not redesign solutions increase the supply chain optimisation and provide information accuracy. It is not sufficient to introduce a technology and keep the old processes. In the redesign process, conceptual modelling plays a key role in understanding the current situation and developing scenarios for redesign. To be able to get a good grasp of the current inter-organisational processes, a description of the current AS-IS processes (and identified problems in the supply chain) will be provided. It is important to provide a clear view of the current situation and possible redesign scenarios. In addition, the possibilities for supply chain efficiency will be sought by introducing new technologies enabling optimisation procurement-production-delivery processes, between a company and its direct supplier.
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4 476
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380 000.00€
Technological Area: 
IT and Telematics technology
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Computer Software

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