Establishment of new poultry feeding technology in order to produce better value poultry meat and eggs

Development of new technology for poultry feeding using new generation zoo-technical feed additives and its composition, and researching its influence on poultry productivity, digestive physiology and quality of production.

The aim of the project is to develop new poultry feeding technology. The influence of new generation feed supplements (enzymes, pro-biotics, pre-biotics, phyto-biotics, organic acids, vitamin E and organic selenium) and their combined integrated influence on broiler chickens and laying hen productivity, physiological processes of digestion, safety and quality characteristics of poultry meat and eggs, will be analysed. The theoretical and practical background for development of high quality, safe and consumer accepted products (eggs and meat) will be established. Methodology for poultry farms for producing high quality, added value and competitive products will be prepared. There were no complex scientific investigations in the suggested topic area in LITHUANIA, POLAND or Europe. Referring results of the project and diet compositions to farms of poultry meat and egg production and feedstuff manufactories as well as poultry manufactories will be carried out. Results of the project will allow for improving life quality of Lithuanian and Polish, as well Europe consumers and will increase the competitiveness of Lithuanian and Polish poultry products in international markets. The working groups are from the LITHUANIAN VETERINARY ACADEMY (Department of Animal Science), the joint-stock company ‘VILNIAUS PAUKSTYNAS’ and the Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of the POLISH ACADEMY OF SCIENCE. The main stages of the project can be summarised as follows: - Establishment of new poultry feeding technology in order to produce better value poultry meat and eggs; - Investigation of new generation feed additives (enzymes, pro-biotics, pre-biotics, fitobiotics, organic acids and organic selenium) and integrated influence of their combination on broiler and hen productivity, and physiological processes of digestion; - Research of the influence of new generation feed additives on physicochemical attributes of eggs and meat; - Assessment of the influence of new generation feed additives on sensory quality and acceptability of poultry products; - Create poultry meat and eggs enriched with vitamin E and Selenium; - Practical implementation and dissemination of results by seminars and scientific conferences; - Compose diet compositions for farms of poultry meat and egg production, feedstuff manufactories and poultry farms. The results of this project will provide an opportunity to increase the competitive ability of the Lithuanian, Polish and European agriculture, feedstock and food industry and to supply high quality aviculture products for European consumers as well.
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4 478
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350 000.00€
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Animal Selection/Production / Husbandry technology
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Animal Husbandry

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