Research and development of blood derived haemoglobin for animal usage

Apart from in humans, iron deficiency is still a major problem in several segments of the livestock industry, with piglet anaemia as the most widespread. The main objective of this project is to develop a new hem-iron product obtained from pig blood waste in slaughterhouses.

Iron deficiency (ID) affects over one billion people, particularly children and women. If untreated, iron deficiency leads to anaemia, reduced work capacity, diminished learning ability, increased susceptibility to infection, and greater risk of maternal and childhood mortality. Anaemia is a lack of haemoglobin, the constituent of blood that transports oxygen through the body. The main objective of this project is to develop a new heme-iron product obtained from pig blood waste in slaughterhouses that should be used in the prevention of anaemia as a food additive. The aim of the R&D is to apply a new procedure for isolation and purification of haemoglobin performed in an original pilot device. The main activities include the standardisation of new procedures for erythrocyte separation from whole blood and haemoglobin purification, development and optimisation of a novel bio reactor system for hem-iron production, as well as establishment of the optimal product form, that would provide iron in a stable, highly bio available form. Scientific and technological objectives of the HEMIRON project are: 1. Designing and testing of the new process for gaining ultra pure haemoglobin (99.999%) from erythrocytes derived from porcine blood as a basic row for hem-iron production. 2. Development of a novel bio reactor system for the production of the hem-iron product. 3. Development and standardisation of the procedures for gaining the final form of the hem-iron product. 4. Implementation of the application adjusted according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) protocols and other biotech standards. The wasted blood from slaughterhouses is a very dangerous waste material with a high level of biohazard. By implementation of the new special procedures, followed by the separation of the large volumes of wasted blood after the addition of the appropriate anticoagulant, we will open a new technology solution for blood collection, purification, drying and designing a product consisting of a dry powder. The procedure can be used by further processing in powder form by other biological waste slaughterhouses (bovine, chicken - blood). In a powder form this blood waste can be easily collected, manipulated and destroyed without expensive investment in the infrastructure, equipment and high level of additional costs without any economic feedback. The feasibility study of the economics of the process for other animal pieces (e.g. bovine, chicken blood) will be part of the HEMIRON project. The main aims and objectives of this project are to: - Enhance the environmental protection by lowering biohazard, - Evaluate the current state-of-the art in the field of use for animal treatment and other uses, - Develop a new product using a novel and original procedure, which enables unique and specific results, - Perform research and test the effectiveness of treatment with the new hem-iron product in-vivo and in-vitro, - Obtain a new product competitive on a wide domestic market as well as abroad (surrounding countries in the first year through partners from SERBIA and EC countries with partners from SLOVENIA), - Improve the technological development in the participating countries and worldwide, - Achieve positive economic effects in the participating countries, - Noticeably enhance the livestock industry quality, - Contribute to the production of healthy food by implementation of new biotechnology, - Contribute to the more rational usages of the resources in agriculture, - Transfer know-how from scientific research to the economy sector, - Develop and optimise a novel bio reactor system and new procedures for the production of the heme-iron product, - Develop and evaluate new non-invasive therapies for different indications, - Disseminate the project results of the scientific research to the economy sector.
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4 486
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870 000.00€
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Medical technology
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Animal Husbandry

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