High pressure grilled meat with garnish

Development of a new range of prepared plates based on grilled meats (veal, pork, chicken) together with a sauce and/or vegetables, of cold canal conservation, based on high pressure technologies.

The company INDUSTRIAS ALIMENTARIAS DE NAVARRA, S.A.U. (hereinafter IAN) has developed and patented the development of accompaniments and prepared plates based on vegetables using high pressures as a safety barrier when developing them. For this, IAN has industrial equipment for applying high pressure to foods, up to 600 Mpa (Mega Pascals). The French company MARIE (Group UNIQ) is a leader in FRANCE as regards the commercialisation of frozen prepared plates. It has a line of prepared plates that combine a protein ingredient (meat of fish, sausage, etc.) with a sauce or an accompaniment (creamed potatoes, ratatouille, etc.) Once packed these products are thermally pasteurised. This pasteurisation process guarantees food safety so that it can be conserved during a period of 45 days in the cool, and it also serves as a cooking treatment transforming the protein piece from crude meat or fish to cooked meat or fish. Nowadays, both companies aim to diversify their respective offer by means of the development and design of a grilled meat line with accompaniments able to maintain the properties ‘just cooked’ without questioning food safety. Meat parts that are internally crude but grilled marked, commonly known as ‘just right’, are therefore sought. To obtain these pieces, thermal pasteurisation is not adequate, since the temperature needed to pasteurise the meat is 70 degrees Celsius. Starting from 60 degrees Celsius, the meat lowers its crude condition, with consequently proteic coagulation and juice loss. The use of other techniques alternative to thermal pasteurisation, unable to modify the organoleptic state of the meat, is therefore sought. Hence, the use of high pressure technology is proposed. A new plate, as aimed at in this project, is a complex system from the point of view of food safety, since the combination of foods, that at individual level can be stable when they are subjected to high pressure treatment, when in contact can provoke unstable situations from the food safety point of view and/or food acceptance, as there can be colour changes, non-adequate flavour mixtures, etc. This is the main technological challenge to be faced by the companies. The food systems whose interaction will be studied are described as follows: - Crude meats grilled market; - Pasteurised meats (roasted or cooked); - Vegetable accompaniment (peas, potatoes, etc.); - Sauces (volute, oil, cheese, etc.). In this sense, it can be outlined that the high pressures used in an adequate interval are able to hygienise foods, without changes in meats and vegetables, reaching the total or partial inactivation of the enzymatic system. However the treatment’s optimal interval (pressure and time) can be different according to the food to be treated. To guarantee the technical success of this project, IAN will contribute with the knowledge of the development technology for preparing plates based on vegetables and sauces, by means of high pressure treatment. On the other hand, MARIE will transfer to the consortium constituted by both companies its extensive knowledge on prepared plates and their behaviour when applying high pressure technology.
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4 491
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1 480 000.00€
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Food and Beverages

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