Integrated centre for recycling and treatment of medical and industrial hazardous waste

To provide environmentally friendly hazardous waste recycling and treatment services by means of an integrated centre (carbon free pyrolysis incineration, energy production and recycling). The location in chamusca ecopark will help promote local industrial symbiosis.

The project aims to provide more environment-friendly and cost-effective services to companies that produce and / or manage Medical and Industrial Hazardous Waste. The Integrated Centre to be implemented will have four main units: - pyrolysis / gasification unit for incineration of waste; - energy recovery unit for electricity production; - micro-algae CO2 sequestration unit; - sorting, recycling and disinfection plant. The co-treatment of Medical and Industrial waste will provide enough scale for cost-effective energy production (Waste to Energy Plant) and will improve technical conditions for environmental management of emissions. The CO2 sequestration unit (micro-algae plant) will allow the installation to be CO2 free (selling of carbon credits). An algae-farm will be constituted in closed photo-bioreactors and algae biomass downstream processing will be done with hi-tech technology. In addition, the micro-algal biomass is an excellent raw material for biofuel production and other added value products, the yield being much higher than with other raw materials. Micro-algal biomass can be used in food and/or feed (as nutrient or supplements), cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Concerning a wide variety of countries, the Integrated Centre will be a showcase, a demonstration project that will provide information and promote the adoption of the same process in other countries where medical and industrial hazardous waste is not yet being adequately treated. Concerning PORTUGAL, the project will allow the delocalisation of the exclusive Portuguese Medical Waste Incineration Plan from the centre of Lisbon to a much more suitable location (Eco Park). The industrial hazardous waste, presently treated abroad, will be treated in the country at a reasonable price, allowing auto sufficiency and proximity principles to apply and costs to be decreased. The Integrated Centre will be located inside Chamusca´s Eco Park, benefiting from all the infrastructures and environment protection solutions available. The Centre will also be an Eco Park anchor project for the promotion of industrial symbiosis supplying energy, steam and recyclable material and waste treatment services.
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4 521
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28 830 000.00€
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Environmental Engineering / Technology
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