Development of a combined anaerobic and aerobic reactor system

The proposed cooperation for developing dana - a dynamic anaerobic aerobic reactor - will enable, for the fist time, the integration of anaerobic and aerobic processes in one vertical configuration.

As it is widely known and accepted, water is an essential and basic human need for urban, industrial and agricultural use and has to be considered as a limited resource. According to a recent report published by the EUROPEAN COMMISSION, due to the increase in the world population, the world’s primary water supply will need to increase by 41% to meet the needs of all sectors. The report points out that water reuse and recycling are the only solutions to close the loop between water supply and wastewater disposal. AQWISE - WISE WATER TECHNOLOGIES LTD. is a world leader in the development and implementation of innovative wastewater treatment technologies. The AGAR(R) process, introduced by AQWISE to the world market, is a fixed biofilm process, which can be implemented for expansion of existing Waste Treatment Plants for increased treatment capacity and extensive nitrogen removal, while using the existing biological aerobic reactor. WESTT B.V. - is a company for the development and implementation of water treatment systems. One area of its expertise lies in the development of biological anaerobic systems. AQUAEXPLORER - is a young and rapidly growing high-technological company focusing on total solutions in the field of water management. AQUAEXPLORER combines a vast R&D capacity with a broad knowledge on new and existing products and technologies with respect to water management process optimisation. AGRITON - is a supplier of soil improving products in the agricultural field. The AGRITON products improve chemical, physical and biological aspects in the soil, because these three processes function with each other in soil fertility. NHL - Institute for higher professional education and research. The department Life Sciences is active in the field of biotechnology, process technology and microbiology. The companies will leverage their unique know how and expertise to develop and commercialise the DANA - a Dynamic Anaerobic Aerobic reactor. By integrating for the first time anaerobic and aerobic processes in one vertical configuration, DANA allows both biological processes to occur simultaneously. The result is a highly efficient treatment process, capable of treating highly polluted effluents (chemical oxygen demand (COD) ranging form 3,000 to 10,000 ton/day) while halving the required facility footprint with respect to current horizontal anaerobic and aerobic systems. The DANA system’s modest installation surface requirements compared with conventional methods, along with its ability to treat highly polluted waste water make it an ideal solution for polluting industries such as Pulp & Paper, Beverage, Food and others, which have to cope with emerging regulations and want to save on expensive footprints and maintenance costs. Due to the revolutionary configuration of the DANA system, one of the key challenges during the development phase will be the development of an innovative interface, separating the aerobic reactor from the anaerobic one. The joint international R&D team will have to find innovative solutions to overcome constraints related to industrial effluent, usage and mode of operation in unknown environments. The project offers an opportunity for all its members to capitalise on their respective know-how and penetrate new markets with a superior product.
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4 522
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Project costs: 
2 000 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Waste Management technology
Market Area: 
Water treatment equipment and waste disposal systems

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