Modern t&m product line for verification of safety of power systems

To develop new t&m equipment for mv/hv (medium voltage/high voltage) areas and thereby to be more competitive in the field of verifying and testing power distribution systems.

Verification of electrical safety of power systems is becoming more important as: - Energy consumption is increasing; - Power systems and their means of protection are becoming more and more loaded; - Power quality is lower, more events with an impact on safety because of connected non-linear loads; - A lot of power systems were not verified properly in the past; - There is an increasing tendency to assure proper safety of electrical systems during their complete life times. This is done by initial and regular periodic inspections. All inspections must be well documented. Verification of safety of substations and other MV/HV objects is demanding: - Some of the measuring methods are complicated (e.g. step & contact voltage tests); - Special test equipment is needed; it must be extraordinary robust and safe (at least CAT IV) - The work is performed in hostile and dangerous environments. Safety precautions must be rigorous, and staff must be aware of the dangers and well trained; - Mistakes, wrong test results or interpretation of results could have fatal consequences. The verification procedures are mainly described in IEC/EN (Electrotechnical Committee/EN) standards and are guidelines for national regulations. A typical example is the new High Voltage Regulation that was released by the Spanish Ministry at the end of 2007, becoming compulsory in 2010. It requires that existing HV (High Voltage) installers and also LV (Low Voltage) installers will have to get a special licence for operating on HV lines, substations and transformers. The Regulation also includes a list of measuring equipment needed for getting the licence. METREL is one of the world’s leading producers of test equipment for testing the safety of LV electrical installations. It intends to produce test equipment for testing in the MV and HV domain as these fields often coincide with the LV domain. Some of METREL’s existing products are already suitable for use in the MV/HV environment: - The new generation of insulation testers; - Different earth resistance testers; - Power quality meters, etc. However, some measuring instruments are missing to complete the product range. A preliminary market investigation has shown that a micro-ohmmeter and step/contact voltage tester are the two key products missing. They are needed to verify the effectiveness of the earthing and to confirm low contact resistances of components in a power system. Furthermore, a PCSW tool should be developed to help the users to document the results in a simple manner and to perform verification reports. The PCSW should be compatible with all measuring instruments. METREL’s partner TEMPER is a provider of solutions (components, tools, test equipment, knowledge) for electricians in the LV, MV and HV domain. In view of the new High Voltage Regulation, the plan is to offer electricians a complete solution (equipment and knowledge) for obtaining the licence as required by the new High Voltage Regulation. For this purposes both parties agreed to start a joint project. METREL will develop the equipment and a new PCSW for MV/HV test equipment. The project will be carried out by an experienced METREL development team, which has many successful projects behind it. Project tracking and progress is accomplished independently from development, by METREL’s project office. TEMPER S.A.U. will act as an active partner on the project. It will take care of industrial investigation of products and technologies worldwide, in four continents: Europe, America, Asia and Africa. It will investigate and analyse every reference norm and standard in every country of significant interest. According to this compiled information it will define the technical specifications of each instrument. TEMPER S.A.U. will also cooperate actively in the development of the new instruments. METREL will lead the team work, based on the specifications designed by TEMPER. TEMPER will cooperate in the product-design phase in both electronics and housings. It will also cooperate in the different field testing activities on the different countries of interest.
MET 002
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4 546
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Project costs: 
790 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Electronic measurement systems
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Analytical and Scientific Instrumentation

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