Clean optimised power from sun

Study and development of innovative modular units for an efficient and sustainable collecting and use of solar radiation. Study and development of a production process (innovative automated production, assembly and testing systems).

‘COPPO-SUN’ is based on the idea of applicative solutions that highly improve energy efficiency as regards collection systems of solar energy and its use for civil purposes. The ‘first application’ is a system to apply on building roofs (even in historical areas or places considered protected areas) which is made up of: a system to pick up solar radiation and thermic exchange by accumulating heat with modular elements in order to define a picking up surface optically active and able to concentrate incident solar energy (without using sun position) on a heat exchange circuit selectively linked to accumulations means governed by specific logics and sensors. In the project ‘COPPO-SUN’, in addition to the conceptual and experimental development of innovative solutions relating to collection modules of solar radiations and the study and development of implant systems and of the instructions for integrating ‘COPPO-SUN’ to systems using energy, it will be necessary to study productive technologies and automation systems necessary to reach a competitive and supportive industrial application. This project targets different technological fields relating to the need for: - Developing components and devices in order to concentrate and accumulate energy. - Developing implant integrated systems that are easy to configure, to assembly and to install. - Developing an integration and interface device with the existing implants for the use of energy. - Developing automated and mechatronic solutions for the production, the assembling and the testing of these components/devices/implants in order to guarantee economic support for the proposed solutions. All the above aims to overcome the current limits of industrial solution reports which show the following technical, applicative and achievement limits: - Reduced efficiency of energy conversion. - High impact on existing structure (inapplicability in protected urban areas or in historical areas which are the most critical areas according to the pollution due to the heating implant emissions). - Structural and implant complexity in order to obtain interesting economic solutions. - Low modularity/scaling of the offered solutions.
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4 560
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3 960 000.00€
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Solar/Thermal energy
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Solar energy

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