Global project management system for distributed industrial companies

Gpms is a research and development program aimed at solving the management tasks for distributed industrial companies in a global economy, focusing on: 1) a web interface with multilayer security, 2) a flexible and dynamic project model, and 3) a user-friendly and dynamic user interface.

The internationalisation of industry combined with outsourcing of activities like planning, management and fabrication, are key factors in the global economy. This implies new challenges for business management due to the outsourced project teams lacking efficient tools to communicate the status of integrated projects. For industries with multiple site offices for their own engineering and production, traditional communication tools are not adequate to cope with the need for efficient communication of the day-to-day status of their activities, resulting in misinterpretation of the current status of projects at different levels and complexity. The European industry sector is a key market sector with a production value of more than 1,600 billion euro/year and comprising more than 3 million employees. Outsourcing efforts and distributed management of activities are still unfortunately often followed by an unexpected increase of costs, product failures and withdrawal from markets, since the industries are not at all aware of the different status levels that reside in the production facilities. This ‘unknown’ cost factor as well as experiences of failures have created a reaction and disillusion limiting the transfer of knowledge-based production to the new member countries. For instance, one excavating manufacturer had more than 20 million euro as additional costs for the production of one model, and a withdrawal from the market for nearly one year. Such failures slow down the expectation for rapid change and economic growth. The results of the described scenario may lead to project delays, a withdrawal of activities, closure of co-operations and so forth. This project aims to focus on the management of project activities in order to enable the industries to monitor and trace their activities in order to carry out corrective actions when needed, thus avoiding tedious additional work and associated costs. By developing easy-to-use tools which enable the user community efficient access to relevant data, the above problem scenarios may be reduced significantly, resulting in reducing delays in production, reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction. This will stimulate cooperation within the European community and enable a more flexible working environment where the users can freely move between the industry network established in the cooperation and diversification of the industry. This means that the project also targets and stimulates one of the key elements in the Lisbon strategy as well. The main project focus will be the development of a flexible yet easy to use project management engine which will let the user access the project data through multiple layers of access levels. The project management engine will be accessed through an Internet Portal where the key data can be entered, viewed and verified by the user. By using an Internet Portal as the key communication interface, the user can access the data ‘just-in-time’ when needed and where the user is at the time. Project teams will be defined in a flexible and easy way allowing users to participate at different levels with different roles depending on the project type and characteristics. Access is then granted depending on the role. Projects will be defined with resources of different kinds and can be split into different tasks, each with defined time schedules. The resources and time schedules will be viewed as tables or Gant Charts. The project result will be a product or service which will be used in the participants’ facilities as well as market at a European and international level.
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4 573
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1 300 000.00€
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Information Processing, Information System
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Raising the productivity and competitiveness of European businesses through technology. Boosting national economies on the international market, and strengthening the basis for sustainable prosperity and employment.