Development of bioactive packaging

To develop novel bioactive and bio-based formulations used as a coating for poultry meat packaging materials with the following advanced properties: i) shelf life extension, ii) quality maintenance and iii) safety assurance.

Packaging continues to be one of the most important and innovative areas in the development of new processes and products. Besides requiring protection, specific physical-chemical properties and an attractive esthetic look, these products function as a preservation system. In recent years, the trend of developing new packaging involves developing intelligent, biodegradable, human and environmentally friendly packaging, mostly using: vacuum treatment, sterilisation, freshness and time- temperature indicators, oxygen and leak indicators, colour measurement sensors, ethanol emitters, ethylene absorbers, etc. and specific - biological packaging providing antimicrobial and antioxidant functionalities. A lot of research in the field of food science has focused on new preservation technologies based on incorporation of natural antimicrobial ingredients into basic packaging, but very few of these methods have been implemented in the food industry until now. Although there are many contributions based on the use of individual substances in order to obtain an antimicrobial/antioxidant active surface of the packaging material, there has been no detailed work done regarding use of the complementary synergistic formulations, possessing both antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. The objective of this project is thus to develop novel bio-active and bio-based formulations, used as a coating for food packaging materials with the following advanced properties: i) shelf life extension, ii) quality maintenance and iii) safety assurance. The formulation's bio-activity will be maintained with its synergistic antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, combining several plant antioxidants with polysaccharide chitosan. A physical-chemically stable mixture of bio-active components of interest will be applied onto the synthetic polymer surface used in packaging (Polyethylentherephthalate-(PET), Polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene (PE) in the form of foils and films). Several approaches of active compounds binding (coating, impregnation or spraying) onto basic material will be performed in order to obtain cheap, but optimal functional effects at the food-material interface subjected to two main packaging concepts: i) non-migratory and ii) active release antimicrobial packaging. In order to reach this objective, manipulation of the binding of newly developed bio-active formulations onto synthetic polymers will be performed by two research strategies: i) reversible application of antimicrobial-antioxidant formulation onto inert synthetic polymers: and ii) irreversible application of antimicrobial-antioxidant formulation onto plasma pre-activated (introduction of aldehyde and carboxyl groups) synthetic polymers. The packaging material developed in this project will be safe for humans and for the environment. The potential of these technologies will be evaluated for the preservation of various poultry meat products produced at PERUTNINA PTUJ D.D. (PP), one of the most prospective and leading Slovenian companies in this area. In addition, two Romanian companies, S.C. ICEFS-COM and S.C. LORACOM SRL, will be involved in production of such packaging materials at national or multinational level. Through new packaging, all involved companies intend to increase their market share at national level as well as in Europe.
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4 952
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Project costs: 
660 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Food Packaging / Handling technology
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General food products

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