Membranes for ultra microfiltration

Ultrafiltration and microfiltration module and membrane
systems for the production of drinking water and for the
treatment of waste water

Development of membrane and systems as well as processes on the basis of this technique, today used in the food, chemical and biotechnological industries. The process has considerable potential, making it possible to separate dissolved substances from liquids, a process which could not be carried out on an industrial scale before. Both in the USA and in JAPAN, considerable money is being spent on the development, production and sale of these systems. In the USA, especially the big multinational groups of companies, such as MONSANTO, DOW CHEMICAL, DUPONT and ALLIED WATER CORPORATION, are involved, whereas in JAPAN, MITI is directly supporting the companies in their work. MITI has described the area as "significant". The process opens up very interesting perspectives, also to European industry. In order for European companies to be able to compete on this market, which requires intensive development and heavy investments, it is essential that collaboration be established between major European companies in this field - not only with regard to development, but also in respect of production and marketing.
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35 000 000.00€
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