An online centre for innovation in renewable energy generation

An online centre for innovation in renewable energy generation will be established. The centre will build up a bank of knowledge using open-source technology including web 2.0 applications. Emulation of the model will be encouraged, so that in time a network of such centres can develop.

Faced with the twin problems of climate change and peak oil, Europe and the world urgently need to develop non-fossil fuel sources of energy. There is thus an immense market for renewable energy systems. They also have the advantage that they can be developed on a community scale by SMEs (Small and Medium sized Enterprises), and so can have the potential to be applied on all scales of energy need, from towns and cities to villages and households. The sector is one of continuing R&D and so there is an inevitable gap in knowledge between the potential user (not only customers but also companies who might enter the field of provision) and the possible technology. Unless this is tackled, it will slow down the uptake of the new technologies. The aim of the project is therefore to develop a system for spreading information about renewable energy technologies. A Slovenian company with expertise in biomass and energy-from-waste systems will put a range of its design systems online, so that everyone everywhere can access them. It will encourage the bank of information to be developed by external contributors, by applying the general concept that has become known as Wikinomics (pooling of information or 'crowd-sourcing' by combining mass collaboration with open-source technology). The project will create a web entity that is in terms of data a kind of Wikipedia for innovation in renewable energy. On its simplest level it will develop a bank of information about renewable energy systems. At another level it will develop a bank about information about methods of design of such systems. The project will be a collaboration between the Slovenian company KIV (whose expertise is in the design and building of biomass and energy-from-waste systems) and the UK company GOING NOVA (whose expertise is in the identifying and promoting of key new areas of science and technology). KIV will put in their knowledge and design tools, which can be operated remotely. GOING NOVA will make the system user-friendly in a wide-ranging way, so that the web presence can be of interest to a wide range of potential users. GOING NOVA will also encourage companies and researchers active in marine energy (where SCOTLAND has a world reputation) to contribute to the new online centre. Other skilled groups interested in taking up the idea will be encouraged to do so, so that in the course of time a network of such centres can develop.
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5 003
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Project costs: 
900 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Knowledge Management, Process Management
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Alternative Energy

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