Mobility-based technology services for new lifestyle with sport and tourism

With the project "mobility-based technology services for new lifestyle with sport and tourism", a new concept of selling sports and tourist services and a modern information system will be developed. The concept will be based on the use of modern information and communication technology.

With the project "Mobility-Based Technology Services for NEW LIFESTYLE WITH SPORT AND TOURISM", a new concept of selling sports and tourist services and a modern information system will be developed. The concept will be based on the use of modern information and communication technology (Int. and mobile Int.), and will support the implementation of a new concept of selling. This way we wish to increase the sale of sports and tourist services and to achieve a greater utilisation of financing sports organisations from households that represent the largest insufficiently used potential of sports financing. We will also contribute to a faster development of sports in the region, thus also increasing the quality of the tourist offer in the region, opening new positions of employment and increasing the proportion of population that is actively involved in sports. All this can also contribute to greater quality of life of residents. According to the information from the Olympic Committees of SLOVENIA, CROATIA and SERBIA, the potential market of sports services providers consists of over 20,000 sports organisations. The added value in a planned information system is concentrated in the following segments and fields: 1. IT (Information Technology) System platform which assures: Processing data about sports services (entry, storage, publishing over modern communication channels - internet, mobile telephony); Reservation and transaction (payment) system of sports and tourist services; Support for implementing the user rights policy for all users of the system. 2. Content: the newly developed ICT (Information and Communications Technology) presents a change in the existing infrastructure of the sports tourist offer; the system will include information about sports programs and events - services, connected with tourism and health; the system will enable the user to create a portfolio of sports activities, to order sports and tourist services and to pay for them (sports events and competitions, exercise programs, sports and tourist products, etc.); users will be able to form knowledge communities in the virtual space (Internet, mobile telephony, IPTV (Internet Protocol Television)); the system will enable the providers of sports activities to have an overview of the booking of programs. 3. Commercial part: The analysis of the market of sports services in connection with tourism in SLOVENIA, CROATIA and SERBIA; the development and introduction of a new sales concept (marketing) of new sports services that will enable the partnership sports organisations to establish a new source of finance; by establishing local agencies that will take care of the implementation of the system, conditions will be established for new employment in the states that will cooperate as partners in the project and later also on other markets; establishing new sources of finance and global profits for partners of the project; new knowledge and references for partners of the project; the ICT system shall also lead to accelerated sales of the sports tourist services and products, which will have a direct effect on sports and tourism as industries for providers who exist on the market as well as new potential providers. The main objective of the project is to develop and implement an information system on a modern ICT platform that will support use of the new concept of selling sports services in SLOVENIA, CROATIA and SERBIA. The purchase channels of services over the Internet, and mobile phone will be simple and fast. Regardless of the provider of sports services, the purchase channel will always be the same, which will enable users a faster decision for a purchase. A user will be able to find sports services in one place and create his/her own portfolio of services for active spending of free time in his/her place of residence or on vacation, and also pay for them from home or over the mobile phone. Modern information channels will enable the user to exchange information and knowledge about sports. The project consists of four phases. The first phase includes the analysis. The second phase consists of the development of a new concept of sale and implementation of the information system plan. In the third phase, the development and testing of the new information system will be conducted. And the fourth and last phase will consist of the implementation of the information system and the new concept of selling. Aims of the project are: To improve trade channels of sports services and sports services connected with tourism, by using modern information technologies; Providers shall also be able to increase the potential market, since there are up to 80% active sports persons in the developed countries of the EU; Implementation of the developed ICT shall also lead to an increase of physically active individuals, which will also change the ways of life towards a more useful and healthier use of leisure time; To create new sources for financing sports, by charging commission for selling over new trade channels; To create new employment opportunities, etc.
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5 010
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600 000.00€
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Internet Technologies
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Other leisure and recreational products and services

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