Development & implementation of a dual-fuel supply system in diesel engines using biogas/pilot dose of diesel fuels

The major focus of the project is development of a dual-fuel supply system for diesel engines using alternative fuel. The research program on fuel will assess the possibility of using biogas as a fuel for compression ignition engines of non-road vehicles and machines used in agriculture.

One of the biggest problems today's society faces besides advanced devastation of the natural environment is the depletion of natural resources, therein energy resources including fuel engine. The rapid increase of energy consumption is caused by two main factors: science-technical revolution covering for example rapid progress in motorisation and the rapid increase of the population. The fact is that last century our civilisation used about 2/3 of all energy used hitherto by human. It is obvious that resources of fossil energy are limited and depletable. The best solution to a shortage of fossil energy resources is assurance that next year there will be intensification actions assuring balanced economic development through use of renewable energy resources. In the context of aiming to increase renewable energy resource use in order to limit greenhouse gases, agricultural biogas recovery plays a big role. The aim of the project is development and implementation of a double-fuel supplying method for the self ignition engine used on farms, which makes it possible to use agricultural biogas. At present, agricultural biogas on most farms is unproductively emitted into the atmosphere, contributing to its pollution. The study into the process of combustion of biogas and the pilot dose of a diesel fuel or FAME mixture make it possible develop ways to adapt agricultural engines for this type of supply. There will notably be an assessment of the impact of carbon dioxide content in biogas on disadvantageous decreases of engine power and advantageous decreases of combustion temperature preventing knock combustion, jet accumulation discharge and causing decreases of NOx (Nitrogen Oxides) emissions. There will be an examination into the influence of liquid fuel FAME pilot dose size and characteristics on: auto ignition delay, combustion process correctness, characteristics of heat emission and also the phenomenon of jet accumulation discharge and size of PM and NOx emissions. The range of work includes development and construction of a research stand for conducting multi-parameter research into agricultural, multi-fuel engines powered by agricultural biogas with a pilot dose of diesel fuel or FAME and also carrying out simulation and experimental studies. There will also be research into farm machines for fuelling engines with biogas and a pilot dose of diesel fuel or FAME for a chosen agricultural tractor. There will be on the ground research into micro-reactors, developing technology for agricultural biogas production for correct combustion in engines with automatic ignition by igniting from a pilot dose of diesel fuel or FAME. This technology will include biogas cleaning, agents enabling selection, conditions of compression and gas storage and its distribution. At the end there will be exploitation of chosen agricultural tractors fed with biogas during which information about exploitation problems will be collected. Documentation of exploitation problems of engines fed with agricultural biogas will be collected and a method of exploitation of biogas will be promoted through publications in science-technical magazines and organisation of conferences.
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5 030
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Project costs: 
1 800 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Fuel Technology
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Motor Vehicles, Transportation Equipment and Parts

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