Multifunctional equipment, with minimal tractor power necessity and energetic efficiency for dry region crops

The team prepared the ground for a horizontal-axis high power tractor 6 metres wide and with a high feed rate for dry land crops, high crumbling of the soil to increase the uniformity and productivity of the crop and a large reduction in water evaporation.

This new type of farming machinery will mean for this sector, that although being based on machinery known as roto-cultivators, it is an innovative product, due to the objectives it aims to reach, which are as follows: - Multifunctional equipment that will have a hydraulic system of standard rollers that control work depth and soil compression. - This will mean savings of more or less 20% - 30% of the power necessary for use on tractors, with a consequent proportional reduction of fuel consumption. - It is the type of machinery that will be prepared for working at a faster speed than conventional equipment; we calculate about 40% faster. - It is a machine that can work in dry regions where until now conventional equipment could not be used due to the high cost they have in relation to the profitability of the crop, however by using this equipment the farmer will obtain more productivity. Previously, tests have been made with cereals obtaining 20% higher productivity using conventional systems, but the production cost was too high. Using our multifunctional equipment, we manage to reduce the costs for land preparation to something similar to what it is now; therefore, this type of machinery will be profitable for the farmer, as at a similar cost he/she will obtain higher productivity with adequate land preparation. - This equipment will have a gearbox system for power transmission, prepared for tractors from 100hp to 500hp taking into account that currently there is not any similar equipment prepared for over 500hp. - It will have an oil-cooler pump system for the automatic gearbox. - The machine supports (or pointers) will be automatically lubricated by a leak-proof oil bath. - It will cover a range of standard tractors and jobs, with 5 models that will only vary in the working width, which means for the company, a reduction in stock of different pieces, which will all be common to all the models therefore allowing for shorter delivery times, higher productivity and all that reducing the part reference number by 60%. - Being standard models they are easily exportable, this together with the amount of different crops they can be used for, will open the doors to a market niche where no other manufacturer of similar machinery is working, so our company can make the difference in development innovations as well as in opening new emerging markets.
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5 079
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1 130 000.00€
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Agriculture Machinery / Technology
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Fishing, Sea Food and Farming

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